Review: Gifts (Status Quo #1): (a supernatural dystopian MMF erotic novella) by R. Phoenix

Gifts (Status Quo #1): (a supernatural dystopian MMF erotic novella)



Before Imriel Conti was condemned to a life of slavery, the sheltered young witch had never been with anyone. Now that he is in the hands of Draven Foss and Callia Odessa, a sensual and controversial power couple at the pinnacle of supernatural society, all of that is about to change. Coveting him for his accursed but prized gift, they take him into their household, where he finds his morals and innocence equally compromised.

This novella contains explicit M/F and M/M/F scenes. All characters are 18+.


While Gifts is set in the same universe as the ‘Ripples in the Status Quo’ series, it features different characters – and a different aspect of the world – and can be read separately.




I have so much mixed feelings about Callia. She was a great character, there was so much about her I loved and hate, I finished the book without making my mind about her. I’m not really sure what to feel. I’m more incline to dislike her, but the complexity of the feelings she made me feel was something that I really liked.

Draven was different, it was so easy to like him. The power play he had with Callia was one of the things I enjoyed the most of the book, it was so interesting to know how much each had to truly trust and love the other to be as confident as they were about their relationship, I really loved this two together. I thought Imriel would be my favorite character but Draven took his place. I think he was a little more complicated and with so much more secrets that made him so much interesting.

I did liked Imriel, the fear always present in him was something so nice to read, he should be afraid.  He seemed a little too naïve, which it bother me at times, but he was a sweet character.

I had my doubts about this book because I’m really not into MMF but I ended up liking it. I liked the story but I would like to know more of the characters. It feel like the beginning of something with a lot of possibilities and I hope the author is willing to explore them. I have so much expectations of how this characters could develop.

I’d read other books of the author and one of the things that didn’t allowed me enjoy it a little more was the fact that I was sort of expecting a little darker story,  but even a little less dark than I expected, it was really good. And I think that maybe that would be better for some readers.

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