Review: And After Death… by Nero Seal

And After Death...


The world has died in 2025. The armies of zombies are tracing streets in the urge to satisfy the blood thirst. The probably last survivor in the whole world enters the abandoned house to find the diary. The diary that reveals the horrible story of love and death, the last kindness in the world.

This story contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers.


A tragic love story hidden in the pages of a diary are witnessed by the seemingly only survivor of a zombie apocalypse.

The world has ended. There is chaos and death everywhere. For a man who has survived, a refuge where to hide from the armies of zombies walking by the streets is a necessity. But when he finds an abandoned house, the secrets behind the pages of a diary capture his attention.

It was beautifully written. There were only few words, but it was so easy to feel the love and the despair of the situation they were living. The way the story was told was very attractive. Trying to guess how much time had happened and guessing the possibilities was something I loved.

I didn’t like the ending though. The guy’s attitude at the end of it is what bothered me and not the actual end which I think was appropriate for the book. I feel a little disappointed because, being such an interesting story as it was, I would love to know more of the whole world and of the main characters. I felt like I was left wanting so much more. As for romance, I don’t think it was particularly romantic, but there was a lot of love in the air.

In general, it was a beautiful and heartbreaking story, but the warnings given by the author should be taken seriously because there are some violent moments that might not be appreciated by some readers.

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