Review: A Happy Ever After for Christmas by Kol Anderson

A Happy Ever After for Christmas



A Happy Ever After for Christmas

Hot Christmas stories to melt your heart…




A Happy Ever After for Christmas are three short Christmas stories. I’m not particularly attracted to seasonal reads or Christmas in general, but I wanted to try because I really love the author. Consistently with my original thought, I didn’t like it that much.

A thing that I liked was the fact that as I keep reading, the stories begin to get better. The first one was Owen and Ryan, this was ok, but it felt too rushed and I didn’t think I got to know either of the main characters that much. It felt like nothing more than a hook up, no feelings involved.

Kayden and Jack was very good, I liked it so much. I really liked the way the story was told. It felt like an unwritten letter. The beginning was very beautiful, it was so easy to feel the sadness. An issue I had about it was that it also felt a little rushed. So much changes in such short time, but I really got to care about the characters and ended up being a beautiful story.

Ben and Alex was my favorite. I had mixed feelings about the characters, sometimes I feel like I liked them and sometimes I feel like I didn’t. It was a nice thing to feel something for a character, even if it is dislike. I ended up liking them both. This was a great story, seeing where it all begin was also really good. It was a little bittersweet but maybe that’s what I liked about it. I was the story that made feel the most emotions out of the three, very good one.

Overall it was a nice book. Even though it is a Christmas theme, It didn’t felt too much as it, but still it had some very good stories and it was very entertaining.

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