Review: The Santa Drag by Liv Rancourt

The Santa Drag



Things aren’t always what they seem, and this shopping mall Santa has a secret that only true love can reveal.

Mackenzie’s an out-of-work actress who takes a job as a shopping mall Santa to pay the rent. She fools everyone with her Santa drag, until the day Joe McBride walks into the mall. Joseph Timothy McBride – the real-life, got a soap opera gig and you saw him in Scream II actor. The only guy she ever really loved. Can Mack stay in character, or is it time to strip off the red coat and peel off the beard for good?

The Santa Drag is a 6,000 word short story with a Santa who’s more than he seems to be, stressed out parents in the mall, and one very handsome actor.


This was a very cute short story. I’m not a Christmas story reader, but I liked it. It’s kind of a simple story but the main character was very lovely and easy to like.

There is not angst here, not a complex plot either, but still it was a very enjoyable read. I think it can be liked by any Christmas loving reader, and anyone looking for a fun and free of angst story.  It is my first from the author, but I’ll sure keep looking for her books now.

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