Review: Unveiling Facade by Lisette Kristensen

Unveiling Facade


One man, rich and worldly, pushed Jocelyn into a life of insecurity and worthlessness. She had become a shell of herself. Until her girlfriend, Beth dragged her to a surprise party. It was that night, where Jocelyn took her first steps down a path of redemption. Discovering the dark hedonism within her would be her salvation. This is the beginning of the Dark Desire series. Where a woman trapped in a web of flaws, break free once they release the dark wickedness within them.




This was interesting. Is not my kind of book, but I enjoyed some parts of it.

What I liked the most was the mystery behind the placed they visited. I was very intrigues by it and by the man Jocelyn met. I ended the book wanting to know more about him.

I wasn’t too impressed by Jocelyn, she wasn’t a likable character, but it’s just the first book in a series, so I will give her a break and see what happens next. I hope I’ll change my opinion about her.

The plot was ok, but maybe because is just the first book, I was left wishing for so much more. I don’t feel like I really got to know the characters and I ended up with a lot of questions.

The ending was a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting it, but it was a nice promise of something more to anyone who got hooked with Jocelyn’s story. As I mentions it wasn’t really my kind of book, but I do want to know what will happen to Façade and most important I want to know more about that man. I will surely keep reading this series.


Review: Suck by Dee Aditya



Who knew jacking off in front of an an aquarium would change Blake Ashton’s life and help the humans establish an alliance with a notoriously secretive alien race?

Contains aliens, glowing tentacles, interspecies sexytimes, D/s, SM, Breath play

Content warnings (please read): This work contains BDSM themes, Dub-con, and sex with an octopus like creature. This contains one incident of zoophilia. If this is not your thing, please don’t read.




This was a nice story. I pushed my boundaries very much to read this one, because tentacles is a definitely no for me. But I still wanted to try it.

It was fun to read, I liked the main characters. It was surely unexpected, but a nice surprise. Also very intriguing. The part that I didn’t like was the ending. It sort of feel too rushed. But in general was a good story, not in my comfort zone, but a good one anyway. I think anyone who’s into tentacles would appreciate this book.

Review: Ash into Fire by Tully Vincent

Ash into Fire


Ash, misfit son of a clan warrior-chief, has reason to fear his coming of age ritual—no one expects him to survive.

In a matter of hours, Ash must walk into the sacred fire, where he will transform or die. But the fire is not what the clan believes, and it may be the least of Ash’s troubles.


Genre: post-apocalyptic, paranormal
Warnings: bondage, dub/non-con





This was very interesting, I have a good time reading it.

Ash was a nice character. I couldn’t help to feel sorry for the unfair way he was treated. He was a very likable character. I can’t say the same for any of the other characters, I couldn’t care for them, not even Eliot, but at least I didn’t hate him either.

The plot was very good. I kept reading without any clue of what could happen, It was great. The ending was also something that I l really liked. It was unexpected and even though I kind of hope a different course of action, I was very pleased with how everything worked out.

The only part I wasn’t too convinced about, was the relationship part. It just didn’t felt right. I would hope a better developing in the romance part, but I think it wasn’t the objective of the book.

In general I really enjoy reading it. I would recommend to read the warnings before start reading. It was a very nice book.

Review: Clockwork Dolls by R.W. Whitefield

Clockwork Dolls


Short Story (10,000 words)
Genre(s): Fantasy, Historical, Steampunk
Anke can do anything with brass and steam, springs and gears. What she can’t do is cross the lines of class and propriety that keep her from declaring her love for her patron, the beautiful Lady Phoebe. Lady Phoebe has long been entertained – and stimulated—by the dancing dolls Anke has made for her, but now she must marry for the sake of duty and family. She has one last commission for Anke—to build a doll that can love her as much as Anke does. (F/F – For content labels and excerpt, see details on publisher’s site.)




This was a nice story. Fun to read and free of angst.

I liked Anke, she was a nice character, but I feel like I didn’t get to know too much about her, other than the fact that she care so much for Lady Phoebe, who wasn’t as nice character as Anke. I don’t know why, but it was very hard for me to care for her. She seemed too spoiled and I couldn’t feel any sympathy for her.

The plot is not too complex, Lady Phoebe likes to have fun with the marvelous dolls Anke create for her pleasure, but anything seemed to be good enough for her. Again, in that plot description, I seem to see Lady Phoebe as a spoil little brat. I can’t see her any other way. But still, I have fun reading it. I didn’t appreciate the ending so much, but I understand the reasons for things being certain way. Overall it was a nice story.

Review: A Boy Named Khwahish by Dee Aditya

A Boy Named Khwahish


The last year of school was supposed to be a stressful mess, but Sathya never expected it would get this stressful or this messy. He’s pissed off with his parents, his best friend is convinced something is wrong with him, and there’s a new guy with a pretty face and dazzling eyes, and Sathya just can’t seem to ignore him.

Or rather, Sathya doesn’t want to ignore him.

* * * * *

Part of Take a Chance Anthology



This was such a beautiful book. I loved it, when I started reading, I couldn’t stop until I was finished. It was a lovely story.

Sathya and his classmates are on their final year of school, dealing with conflicts on their own. But when a new guy comes to the class, Sathya’s attention is instantly caught by the stranger.

The plot wasn’t too complicated, but the sweetness of the characters was what made the story so special. Sathya was a little bitter and it was so nice to see how slowly he was letting someone crawl into his heart and change some of the darkness inside him. I loved the moments they shared, how subtle and sweet they were. It felt realistic, very beautiful and at the same time there was a kind if sadness about some of the issues address by the book, but still the overall feeling was a hopeful one.  I think friendship was nicely portray here, and the relevance it was given to it, was one of the things I liked the most. The support that can mean so much for someone in need.

There isn’t angst here. I can easily see any reader enjoying reading it. I certainly did. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet YA book.

Review: Leo Tops Aries (Signs of Love #1.5) by Anyta Sunday

Leo Tops Aries


Why did Theo ever bet that a Leo could outwait an Aries?

Blue balls have never been so blue.

~* * * ~

Leo Tops Aries is a short, erotic follow up to Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love, #1).
Can be read as a standalone.




This was such a fun short story. I love the characters, they kept the charm that made me liked them on Leo loves Aries.

There was so much tease, it had me smiling all the time while I was reading, so cute. The interaction between them was very beautiful.

The best part, is a free story. When I finished Leo loves Aries I was left wanting more of the guys, maybe it was a short story, but it was a sweet one, I really enjoyed it.

Review: Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love #1) by Anyta Sunday

Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love, #1)


A new person will enter your life in the early year, Leo. Look past any moments of frustration they might bring and laugh—this could be the start of a thriving friendship.

Theo Wallace usually laughs at the horoscopes his mom sends. Still hung up on his ex-girlfriend and practically friendless, this one begs him to reconsider. Because a friendship that stuck, that thrived…

Well, that would be a reason to leave past pains behind and look to the Bright Future.

When his sister Leone challenges him to find her the perfect date for a spring wedding, Theo uses it as a chance to make new friends. Theo’s ex economics tutor and newest roommate Mr Jamie Cooper seems to be a possible and convenient match. Real convenient. Like written in the stars, convenient.

All he has to do is make sure this Jamie is good enough. Could really be the one for her, and the friend for him.

But watch out, Leo, the stars have a surprise in store…



The way this relationship developed is exactly what I’m looking for when I read a romance book. It was very realistic and slow-burn is something that I always love to read.

Theo was adorable, I loved him so much, a very charismatic main character, I can see any reader easily falling in love with him. Jamie was the same, very charming and sweet. Their interactions felt natural, it was a joy to read the scenes between them. Sometimes I got a little bother by how oblivious Theo was, but I guess that was part of the charm.
The secondary characters were also very nice, entertaining and relevant. I loved the moms, both so lovely. The plot was cute and the writing very good. It was a great story.

The only issue I have about the story as well as the main characters is that it might have been a little too perfect, there was hardly a conflict. Even if for me that was a problem, I think most readers would appreciate a free of angst story, full of funny moments and adorable characters. After reading this book, I’m definitely invited to keep reading books from the author.

*Book provided by NetGalley.