Review: Trouble (Club Depravity Book 8) by H.C. Brown

Trouble (Club Depravity Book 8)



What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Alpha Rock’s rhythm guitarist, Kail Darkstar, is more than a little confused. The last thing he remembers is playing a gig in Las Vegas three days ago. He has no memory of meeting the sexy twink, tied to his bed, let alone the three-day long scene they apparently enjoyed.

After seeking help from Jackson, Kail discovers the stranger is French model, Philippe La Grange. Kail can’t get enough of his delicious sub in or out of the hotel room, but no matter how many times he makes love to Philippe, he still can’t remember meeting him.

Problem is, the media has tracked his every outrageous move. What happened in Vegas is front-page news.

Will Kail remember his delicious sub before Philippe walks out of his life forever?

PUBLISHER NOTE: An M/M BDSM Romance, containing themes of spanking, flogging, and bondage. 13,265 words



A Vegas gig comes with an unexpected turn of events for Alpha Rock’s guitarist, Kail Darkstar, when he wakes up with an unknown guy next to him in bed.

When Kail wakes up after a gig in Las Vegas, he can’t remember the name of the guy on his bed or the events in the last few days. He will have to rely on his band members to solve the mystery. But in the meantime he has to figure out his feelings for the sexy stranger.

This was a very nice book to read; I had a lot of fun with it. It got my attention so fast. It might feel a little short, but I think the author made a great job putting together an interesting plot, great characters and some unexpected twists.

It is a little light in the BDSM scenes and the few there are, are very short. But I think it was ok, because it left more time to try to unveil the mystery of Kail’s loss of memory. We got to know great secondary characters, Jackson was my favorite among them, because of the strong emotions he had, very controlling, and sometimes a little annoying. He made me mad so easily, I would love to read more about him.

In terms of Kail and Philippe’s relationship, it was nice. I wasn’t too convinced by them. I started the book disliking Phillippe; he felt a bit too dramatic, but as the story develops, I got to care for him and, even though it was a little too rushed for my taste, the relationship started to feel real.

Overall a great story. It was my first book of the series and I didn’t have any problem catching up with the relationships. So, I guess, it would work fine as a standalone. I’m glad it’s a part of a series because I liked the secondary characters so much and I would love to know them a little better.


* Reviewed in exchange of an honest review for The Romance Reviews.

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