Review: Uncle! by Lila Leigh Hunter



When he received a frantic call from his older sister, the last thing Jonah Jacobson expected to hear was that Madison Bishop was having a makeover emergency. Her brother-in-law was the epitome of a lumberjack—from the flannel shirts and unkempt beard to the broad build and mud wrestling titles. But when Jonah arrived to the rescue, he ended up having a night to remember and a date with Madison.

Discovering he had more in common with Jonah than their niece was a pleasurable surprise in more than one way for Madison. The only thing he needed to do was show the fashion forward stylist how good they could be together if Jonah allowed him to take the lead.

Flowers and crowns might have brought them together, but a massage table would give them their happily ever after.

This was written for the BDSM group Kink In Ink event and can be found here




I loved this story. It was very fun to read. I got hooked by it since the beginning. I liked both MC, they were lovely. I didn’t think there was too much mystery in the plot, it was easy to see were the story was going, but still was very enjoyable.

The best part were the interactions between the main characters, I loved the way they talked to each other and the scenes the shared were very sensual. I loved it when Maddison called Jonah princess, it made me smile every time.  I had a really good time reading it.

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