Review: Don’t Let the Light Go Out (2016 Advent Calendar – Bah Humbug) by L.A. Merrill

Don't Let the Light Go Out (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug)


Ray Fine would like to forget Hanukkah even exists. The holiday holds too many sad memories for the young widower. When he’s paired with new convert Josiah Wilson in a year-long welcoming program at his synagogue, he doesn’t know how he’ll get through eight days of celebration, let alone twelve months of guidance.

Josiah has enough on his plate—school, conversion, the holiday concert season—without becoming someone’s shoulder to cry on. But when he discovers there’s more to his new synagogue buddy’s sadness than a case of the “Hanukkah Blues,” he sets out to show Ray how much there is to live for.

The first blizzard of the season has other plans, though, and Hanukkah might be a lost cause if Ray and Josiah can’t plow through the snow—and their differences. Determined not to lose Ray to his own darkness, Josiah plans to teach him a lesson about the real Miracle of Light—and love.


Ray is a young widower with too many sad memories on his mind to celebrate Hanukkah. But when he is forced to help Josiah, a new convert, the sadness starts to fade away.

As a widower, Ray sees few reasons to celebrate Hanukkah. But a welcome program to new converts on his synagogue has paired him with Josiah, a very enthusiastic and charming young man who starts to gain Ray’s heart and to help him out of the blues.

This is a Hanukkah story. I’m very unfamiliar with the celebration, but the author made a great job to help the reader understand what it was about. I loved it. I was a little worried at the beginning, because I didn’t see how a believable relationship could come out of this, because there was so much sadness in Ray. One of my favorite parts of it was how easy it was to perceive the emotions from both characters, the joy for Josiah and the grief for Ray. It was really good. I liked how their relationship didn’t feel forced; it was told at a nice pace and ended up being very realistic. It had some sweet moments and the holiday spirit was easy to feel. I was trying to read it as slow as possible because I wanted it to last longer. It was really a beautiful story.

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