Review: Blood of the Sphinx (Virgin Kings #1) by J. Johanis

Blood of the Sphinx (Virgin Kings, #1)


Enter Sasha’s dark world where half-naked warriors fight in the arena for sexual dominance.

Son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Sasha is the king of kings. He’s the pharaoh, and he’s supposed to be the most powerful man in Egypt, but he’s convinced there’s something wrong with him. Maybe he’s in heat or maybe he’s just cursed, but no pharaoh should have such an insatiable need to be mated by another man. Even worse, the man he desires has never shown an inkling of interest in him.

When the young pharaoh finds himself the sole ruler of Egypt and under siege by the Romans, he has to find a way to deal with the desires consuming him or all will be lost.

*Historically inspired dark erotica. Contains graphic violence and non-con.

Editor: Jason Bradley
Cover: Indigo Forest Designs

Kink in Ink: A BDSM Bring Out Your Kink Series


This story is part of the Kink in Ink anthology celebrating our kinky desires. This springs forth from the Bring Out Your Kink writing event sponsor by the Goodreads BDSM Group. This is published on the Goodreads BDSM Group as a free gift to readers.

What is Kink in Ink?

This is the second writing event hosted by the the Goodreads BDSM Group . Members provided a photo and letter to inspire writers to create an original story. Writers picked the prompt that spoke to them most. The result of their kinky creativity is bound together in our free BDSM anthology.

To view the original writing prompt, we invite you to join us in the Goodreads BDSM Group. View or join our free flowing collaboration between our members and writers in the Bring Out Your Kink section.

Original Prompt by Ascian



I guess this wasn’t the right book for be. I had a lot of issues about it. The biggest was the main character. Sasha was just so infuriating to me. I’m a little sad about it, because I was so excited to read the book.

The plot was good, I like most of it, but I had a very hard time trying to understand Sasha and how easy his attention could go to his sexual needs instead of paying a little more attention to the enormous problems he was facing. It also bother me how quick he was to seek for replacements when things weren’t going as he wished, maybe part of his upbringing which make it understandable, but not a nice feature on a main character.

Adrian was a nicer character, I really liked him and I felt sorry for how he could be hurt because of other’s actions. The way the relationship between them was developed was something that I also liked.

The fighting and the non-con part was good, I wouldn’t mind a little more scenes among that subject but I was pleased the way it was. Even though I had some issues about the book, or more like with Sasha, I liked the writing and I’m looking forward to keep reading books from the author.

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