Review: Ash into Fire by Tully Vincent

Ash into Fire


Ash, misfit son of a clan warrior-chief, has reason to fear his coming of age ritual—no one expects him to survive.

In a matter of hours, Ash must walk into the sacred fire, where he will transform or die. But the fire is not what the clan believes, and it may be the least of Ash’s troubles.


Genre: post-apocalyptic, paranormal
Warnings: bondage, dub/non-con





This was very interesting, I have a good time reading it.

Ash was a nice character. I couldn’t help to feel sorry for the unfair way he was treated. He was a very likable character. I can’t say the same for any of the other characters, I couldn’t care for them, not even Eliot, but at least I didn’t hate him either.

The plot was very good. I kept reading without any clue of what could happen, It was great. The ending was also something that I l really liked. It was unexpected and even though I kind of hope a different course of action, I was very pleased with how everything worked out.

The only part I wasn’t too convinced about, was the relationship part. It just didn’t felt right. I would hope a better developing in the romance part, but I think it wasn’t the objective of the book.

In general I really enjoy reading it. I would recommend to read the warnings before start reading. It was a very nice book.

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