Audiobook Review: Blue Fire by Z.A. Maxfield

Blue Fire


Re-release of 2009 novella – Fire cost Jared Kenny his home and all his memories of the man he’d loved for over half his life. But it also brought him firefighter Adam Collins and the purest blue eyes Jared had ever seen.

Despite the best efforts of his department, Adam had to watch with Jared while Jared’s house burned to the ground. Something about the man touched Adam and made him want to follow up and protect him. Later, when the two of them gave in to their passion, it burnt and bared them both.

So Jared ran…from Adam, from his past, and from everything their future together could hold. He tried to start a new life, taking only his newfound passion for glass and his obsession for a finding a particular shade of blue, the blue of the heart of a flame. It took a near-tragedy to teach him that the blue he sought, he’d had all along…in his firefighter’s eyes.




Blue Fire was a very appropriate name for the book, but I would hope things would be a little more subtle. I think what made it appropriate was the overall feeling, a very intense sense of sadness adequate for the circumstances the main characters found themselves into. But what bother me a little was the constant presence of, not at all subtle, blue elements all along the story. Sure, Jared love color blue, and at times had an important meaning, but should it be so literal? I just got a little upset of how many times the word blue appeared in the story.

In general was a good story. I enjoyed the plot, and the general idea of overcome grief.  It was easy to feel the pain. The romance part was nice, at the start I wasn’t completely convinced by their love, especially because of some decisions made for Jared, but the last pages of the book help me to care more for them and believe a little more in their feelings for each other.  Another issue I had was the little I got to know the main characters, I ended up the book without truly feeling I knew them.

Overall was a nice book, I had a good time with it. It was the first one I’d read from the author, but I am interested in keep reading her work.

About the narration, it was very good. It had a nice pace and one of the things I appreciate the most is a good diction that make it easy to understand. I don’t generally listen to audiobooks because I get lost in the translation sometimes, most of audiobooks are narrated in English and I speak Spanish, it always requires extra attention for me to keep track on the story, but this time it was easy enough.

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