Review: The Ultra Cage by Jane Davitt

The Ultra Cage


Desperate to survive in a corrupt prison, Dorant agrees to become Carr’s boy and puts himself in the hands of a powerful owner with secrets that put them both at risk.

Futuristic SF with BDSM, dark themes, mentions of torture/death. Written for the Kink in Ink event at the BDSM group.



I struggle a bit with this story, not because I think it was bad, just the contraire, it was good, but it just simply wasn’t my thing. If I would had put more attention to the tags, I think I wouldn’t shy away either way, I’m always up for a challenge. This definitely pushed my boundaries and I’m always looking to read a book that does that, but this time it was beyond my likes.

The things I didn’t like, and this are just personal because I think other readers might enjoy it, were the public activity, it’s just a no for me and the Daddy/boy thing. Is something I have a little trouble with, not as much as with exhibitionism but some.

In terms of the story itself, there was a thing I disliked. Dorant was just so annoying. His defiance was so frustrating. Couldn’t he just submit already? I was amazed by how patient Carr was with him.

I wasn’t enjoying too much the first half of the book, but the second was so interesting. It did felt a little disconnected and somehow like a completely different story, but it was what ended up bringing my attention back to the book.

In general it was a nice book, some of the issues I had with it are very personal, and not from the story itself.

This story can be found in the Goodreads BDSM Group.

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