Review: The Stranger by Chance Christopher (Goodreads Author), Bella Liddell

The Stranger


Mikah never considered himself the type to have a one-night stand. That changes when he wakes up the morning with a massive hangover and a handsome man in his bed, not able to remember a thing. Mikah considers hiding in the bathroom all day, but then the man stirs…

Will Mikah lose his nerve or will he give in to the passionate advances of THE STRANGER?




I read this because I was looking for a short story. It seemed to be what I was looking for. It was nice but maybe the length of it didn’t allowed it to have a little more going on.


There isn’t much of a complex plot here. Is just a one night stand and the events of the next morning. More than a whole story, seemed like only a scene. It was enjoyable, but I would expect a little more character development, which generally is my major focus on a story.


Did I liked it? Yes, but It could have been better. Still, I think I would seek for the next instalment of this series when I’m feeling like reading something short and angst free.

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