Review: Rainbow Briefs by Kira Harp

Rainbow Briefs


Have you ever looked at a picture, perhaps a photo of two guys in a tight hug, or two girls holding hands, and wondered, What happened before that moment? What will they do next?

These fifteen stories were inspired by images from the Young Adult LGBT Books Group. In these pages you’ll find LGBTQ teenagers living their lives – experiencing first encounters and long relationships, coming out, staying closeted, questioning, loving, having adventures, dealing with family, with prejudice, with magic. Author Kira Harp provides this collection of Young Adult romantic, fantasy, and contemporary short stories.





This was such a beautiful book. I’d read it for a challenge and I couldn’t be happier with the result, I just loved it.

A common element among all of the stories told here was the amazing characters. I don’t think there was one story that wasn’t able to create great empathy for the MC on it. I don’t usually read YA books, but it seems like when I do, I really choose the best ones.

It was my first book from the author, but I’m very sure it won’t be the last. I liked all the stories, but there were some that I just fell in love with. The first one I loved was Designing Sam, so beautiful. Making Connections and Variations were also among the ones I loved the most, but every single one had something to like about it.

There is a little bit of everything, there is laughs, love, pain, sadness, sweetness, but most of all there is hope, there was always hope in every story. It was a lovely book, I couldn’t recommend it enough. It was a joy to read.

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