Review: Anger: Taming the Beast by Reneau Z. Peurifoy

Anger: Taming the Beast


Don’t Let Anger Control You!

If you or someone you love is experiencing difficulty coping with their anger, this useful and practical book is the first place to turn to for help. With its clear, evenhanded approach, this book shows you

• Why you handle anger the way you do
• Positive ways to manage anger
• How to speak up strongly and effectively
• Effective ways to handle frustration and resolve conflicts
• How to set limits and say no to unreasonable demands
• Practical ways to cope with stress, embarrassment, and shame
• How to relate your feelings to others without losing your cool

Whether you have an explosive temper or are brooding over suppressed anger, the questionnaires, step-by-step exercises, and strategies outlined in Anger: Taming the Beast will teach you how to change the way you experience and express anger.




This was an amazing book. It took me so long to read it, but just for the right reasons. It’s a book that need to be read slowly and taking enough time to understand where the anger comes from and be committed enough to work for a better anger management. If you are willing to give the book the time it deserves, then it’s a very powerful tool to “tame the beast”.

I’ll admit I might have read it faster than I should. I kept returning to the previous chapters several times, because they seemed so important. I didn’t think I had anger issues when I started reading it, but I find myself giving a lot of thoughts, not only on anger but in other emotions and where they come from.

The language used was very simple, it was easy to understand the exposed concepts. The structure of the chapters made sense, it felt very organized. I don’t think the examples were needed, since it was very comprehensive, but still they were helpful. At the end of each chapter there is a summary of key ideas recommended activities. I suggest to take those seriously and practice it, if you are really willing to make a change in your life.

The book address several interesting topics, such as where the anger comes from, distorted thinking, resolving conflicts, stress management, among others. It is a great book. I just can’t recommend it enough.

*Book provided by NetGalley.


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