Review: LGBTQ: Outing My Christianity by Ann Townsend

LGBTQ: Outing My Christianity


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Inspired by Vicky Beeching’s coming out, her work with the United Nations, and her fight for LGBT rights in the Church and the world, Outing My Christianity is a story for the curious reader and the ashamed Christian about a lesbian’s life, salvation, love, pain, loss, and survival. It is a story about a walk taken as a quirky flower child, awkward teenager, over-enthusiastic twenty-something, and blind adult who can now see. Regardless of your faith, the time is now, folks. We have to stand together if we want change.




It was an interesting book. Different to what I expected. I didn’t liked it as much as I thought I would, but part of it might be my dislike for biographies and not the book for itself.

I think one of the issues I had was my expectative for a more spiritual book, instead it was more center on telling the author’s experience as a lesbian and a Christian. I learn a lot from the book, mostly about the beliefs of some Christian religions that I wasn’t aware of. It was a nice start point to make some research by myself. I liked getting to know the author’s experience, I can’t help to think how different it is from other places in the world, like where I live. A mostly Christian country, and yet, more surrender by hate than love, and surely much less accepting of homosexuality as I learn every day. I think getting to know a story like this can be helpful to people struggling with similar issues, but I hardly think a book like this can be find in places where is most needed.

There are some great messages in the book, and some of them would work as a great arguments to some extremist people. One that got my attention and I can’t get out of my head is: “God can’t be magnanimous and then, as some of His followers claim, hate any one of His creations, His children. God’s love is absolute and unconditional, and with absolute and infinite love, there can be no hate”. I think that’s the basic massage of the book. I might have some issues about it, but the intention and the overall feeling of it was just great.


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