Review: Wireless by L.A. Witt



Skin to skin contact is illegal. Sex? A felony. Insulated suits and gloves keep people from even the most platonic touches. Citizens line up in droves at simhouses for their rationed, prescribed orgasms in virtual reality machines.

Keith Borden has worked in a simhouse for years, and he’s never been tempted to break the strict no-contact laws… until Aiden Maxwell comes along. The attractive and dangerously flirtatious patient invites him into the seedy underground where people engage in real, wireless sex. Though Keith stands to lose his career and his freedom, he’s curious and Aiden is irresistible.

From the moment he sets foot in the wireless lounge, Keith is in a world of flesh and fantasy. He’s hooked. On the sex, on the atmosphere, and most of all, on Aiden. Years of keeping everyone in his world at arm’s length have left Keith craving a human touch, and Aiden offers all the contact—scorching sex, gentle affection, and everything in between—Keith can handle.

That is, until an unexpected act of betrayal throws Keith’s world into chaos, and he finds himself more alone than he ever imagined possible…

This 55,000-word novel was previously published, and has been extensively revised and rewritten from its first edition.




I’m a little ambivalent about this book. For the first half of it I was so bored, I just couldn’t care for the main characters and I didn’t felt any real connection between them. But for the second half, it felt like a totally different book, it was so exciting. I just couldn’t read fast enough.

The main characters weren’t as interesting as I would like. I don’t think I really got to know much of them, only the fact that they care for each other. At the beginning I find it hard to care for the feelings they supposedly had for each other, it was just pure lust. But as the book keep going, I started believing in their relationship.

The plot was interesting, very unusual. It was hard for me not to compare some aspects with what addicts go through. The pace is variant, really slow at first and extremely fast near the end. There are some action moments, not too much, but still nice. And some steamy love scenes.

In general was a nice book to read, maybe not the one I liked the most from the author, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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