Review: A Discount on Death (Miserable Tales ) by Ofelia Gränd

A Discount on Death


Jeffrey has lived most of his life with the man he loves, and if he was given an option, he would do it all over again. But no one gets to live twice, and no matter how good things have been they don’t stay that way forever.
As sickness has Frank in a bruising grip, all Jeffrey he wants is to fade away together with him in a peaceful death. But peaceful deaths are expensive, and Jeffrey isn’t as wealthy as he once was. At the end of the day, all he can afford one peaceful death…one.




I don’t know how to feel about this. I wake up one morning with a message about this story on my email. I’d read books from the author before and I loved them, and I have some free time before work, so I thought, why don’t I read this? It was so short it seemed harmless. Big mistake, I was at my job trying to hold back tears. I just can’t help to be amazed by the author’s ability to create such big emotions in few words. It is not a happy story, but is a great one. I loved it.

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