Review: If You Live, Come Back by Ofelia Gränd

If You Live, Come Back


Jerred has everything he wants in life, he loves his partner, Ray, and he knows Ray loves him. If it hadn’t been for Ray’s work colleagues being jerks, everything would’ve been perfect. That is until Jerred’s skin start to shrink, and his senses change.

Having shitty work colleagues is nothing compared to what Jerred has to face. He doesn’t want to leave Ray to fend for himself in life, but what choice does he have when his body transforms?

If You Live, Come Back is the fourth instalment in the Miserable Tales series—a series of short standalone stories without an HEA.




If I thought the other Miserable Tales were unexpected, this one is beyond words. I truly didn’t see this coming. I did felt a little heartbroken, which apparently is a common feeling in the last few stories I’d read from the author, which is great. I love a book that make me feel something and maybe being heartbroken is just what need right now, because I keep reading more and more from her and always end up wanting more. This is really twisted, I loved it.

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