Review: Codependents by Roger Levitt



Dean Lloyd is an eighteen-year-old high school senior forced to deal with a family life that crumbles around him. His mother is a lapsing alcoholic. His father is neglectful. Essential bills are past due. He fears he will never escape his small home town. Forced to help his family meet their obligations, he resorts to drug dealing with potentially dangerous consequences.
Dean’s classmate Todd Gladden is an aspiring artist with constant feelings of doubt and paranoia coupled with bouts of insomnia and depression. Like Dean, he fears he will never amount to anything.
Dean and Todd strike up a passionate romance. Can they realize that their love and happiness together are the solution to their problems before irreparable harm is done to either one of them?




It was a lovely story. I really liked it. Dean and Todd were very sweet, I loved them.

I wasn’t exactly what I expect, but I really enjoyed reading it. My favorite part were the boys and how the relationship was developed, it was sweet to see their doubts and the shyness. I loved how they talked to each other. It had some very beautiful scenes of them exploring their sexuality, I loved that part.

The characters were nice, I liked Todd the most, but both were good. The plot was ok, but I felt like the last pages were a little too rushed, I would expected it to take a little more time in the last events.

I have some issues with it. I think the changes of point didn’t make easy to understand some parts. I love dual POV, but I felt like when the change was made, I was more than once, trying to figure out who was the one talking. After a little I got it, but it was a little troublesome.

The other problem I had, and the most important for me, was the portray of a metal illness. I didn’t felt like it was done so well. There were some aspects that were nice, but I felt like there wasn’t too accurate. I ended up the book without really knowing what illness it was and that surely is something that bothers me a lot. I think there were some misconceptions, but I guess it might be something that could bother only me. Other than that, I enjoyed the book a lot.

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