Review: Moonshine For Three by Lauren Gallagher

Moonshine For Three


It’s November, 1938. Prohibition is in full swing, and the California coast is lined with offshore casino boats looking to take advantage of the less restrictive international waters. Among them, the Miss Fortune, and that’s where Detective Paul Hansen’s headed tonight.

He needs to find Alice Durham because she’s his only lead on the whereabouts of one Robbie Parker. Paul is hot on Robbie’s trail because the man’s a bootlegger and a moonshiner—and Paul’s former lover.

He’s supposed to be investigating Robbie’s illegal doings, but Paul’s heart has never quite let go of what they had before, and instead, he wants to warn him that the feds are on to him. Robbie doesn’t trust him—why would a moonshiner trust a cop?—but Alice might be able to convince him to listen.

Assuming the three of them actually do any talking…

This 8,500 word short story was previously published as part of the Underground Erotica anthology.




This was a nice short story. First book I’ve read from the author under this pen name, but just as good as her other books. It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I liked it.

The characters were nice. A little mysterious which was nice. I’ve only read MM from the author before and I thought I wouldn’t like the female character, but I was mistaken, she was very nice. It had an interesting plot, with great potential of so much more. It left the ending open to the reader’s interpretation.

The sex-appeale of the characters was great. There was some very steamy moments between the three.

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