Review: Just Words (Nortown #4.5) by Ofelia Gränd

Just Words


Aiden leaves the security of his massage studio behind to rush into the woods when he hears Tristan has gone after some gun-carrying idiots from the city. He can’t believe Tristan is willing to risk his life for some stranger.

What will Aiden do if Tristan is killed? He must stop him before it’s too late. He can’t lose Tristan. And neither gun-waving lunatics nor the frost-covered roads surrounding Nortown will keep him from getting his boyfriend to safety.

In this series:
Once in a Snowstorm (Nortown #1)
Once in a Forest (Nortown #2)
The Empty Egg (Nortown #2.5)
Once in May (Nortown #3)
Happy Endings (Nortown #3.5)
Once in the Underworld (Nortown #4)
Just Words (Nortown #4.5)




This was just great, I loved it. Tristan really got my attention, and obviously, Aiden’s too. This was so fun, I had such a great time reading it.

I love Tristan and Aiden’s relationship, I love the way they interact with each-other. The argument felt so realistic, I can understand so easily both points of view. The story is really short, but full of emotions. It was great to be able to feel the frustration and anxiety and every single emotion I felt from Aidan and Tristan. I loved how opposite both reactions were, Tristan so calm and Aidan so anxious. I couldn’t get enough of them.

Really a great story, and as many reader would appreciate, free of angst. A very fun short story, I think most reader will love it, I know I did.

*ARC provided by author

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