Review: Fallocaust (Fallocaust #1) by Quil Carter

Fallocaust (Fallocaust, #1)


Over two hundred and thirty years ago the Fallocaust happened, killing almost everything that lived and creating what is now known as the greywastes. A dead wasteland where cannibalism is a necessity, death your reality, and life before the radiation nothing but pictures in dog-eared magazines.

Reaver is a greywaster, living in a small block controlled by a distant ruler said to have started the Fallocaust. He is a product of the savage world he was raised in and prides himself on being cold and cruel. Then someone new to his town catches his eye, someone different than everyone else. Without knowing why he starts to silently stalk him, unaware of where it will lead him.



I started reading it knowing I would like it. I was hook from the first pages. It was really interesting. A very dark book that I’m sure not everyone would appreciate, but I really enjoyed it. I can’t say I loved it, there were a few things that didn’t allow me to loved it, but I had a great time and I’ll surely be reading the next books in the series.

My favorite part about the book was Reaver. He had such a twisted mind. It was a delight to get inside of a sick mind like his. I enjoyed most of his disturbing actions as I enjoyed the few sweet moments he had. Even the times he mistreated Killian were a bit fun for me. I might have a little disturbed mind as he has, but I had a great time with that character.

On the other hand, Killian was hard to like, I would expect it to be different because he was a little sweet, but maybe too sweet. I don’t know if other readers liked him, but for me it was very hard. I didn’t hate him, but I think Reaver was so much better character than him.

Greyson and Leo were also great characters, I liked them both, but Greyson seemed a little more complex. I loved how each of them interact with Reaver. I had a great time with them too. Reno was also a character I enjoyed even though I didn’t get to know too much about him.

The plot was nice, there were something that I’m not sure about it, but in general terms was really interesting and I’m very intrigued of what will come next from them. I did had a little trouble with the length of it. I don’t like reading books that long because it took me too much time, but I never lost interest in the story, which was great, and I ended up reading it faster than I expect. I still would appreciate few less words.

Overall it was really good, I’ll start the next book as soon as possible. I would recommend to any reader to be cautious before reading because it had some possible triggering scenes, it is very aggressive and have some non-con situations.

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