Review: Seven Cuts by Sam Tepes

Seven Cuts


When you can’t see through the dark there are no rays of light.

For as long as Adam can remember he has been a cutter.
But the pain isn’t enough.
Is it time to get something more?

Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self-Harm, Violence




I don’t know. It was just a no for me.

I’ve read another book from the author and I loved how twisted it was. This time, maybe the subject is just something I’m really not into.

I don’t know if the purpose was to create a sympathetic feeling towards Adam, but it just made the opposite for me. I felt extremely frustrated and enrage. I just couldn’t like him at all. Maybe it was just too real, because is this is not an unknown subject for me. Sure, the author made a great job getting some emotion from me, but maybe not the one that was being intended. Perhaps other readers would relate or care for Adam better than I did.

The book summary had some warnings, so beware before reading.

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