Review: Punishment (Depravity #1) by M.J. Ferguson

Punishment (Depravity, #1)


There is darkness in all of us even if we choose not to acknowledge it or act on it. What happens when a person not only acknowledges their darkness but revels in exploiting it to the fullest? Join me on a journey and explore the many different ways people choose to express their…Depravity.

In book one, we find a master who forces his pet to participate in a demonstration for a large audience of other masters. When he’s pushed too far will the master lose his pet? Or will the trust they have built be enough for the pet to accept his Sir’s darkest side.

Please note: This short erotic horror story is intended for mature audiences only. This story contains content some readers may find objectionable: explicit sex between men, extreme violence, nonconsensual sex, and murder.



This was great. This is a new author for me, I read a previous short story, apparently non-published, and I loved it and start looking for her books. I was pleasantly surprise when I realized this one had the same characters I loved from the story I read.

It is a BDSM story, but there are some extreme situations that are far from the consensual aspect of a D/s relationship. I liked the scene they shared, but it was what comes next what really intrigued me and got my attention. Definitely some morally questionable conducts, but since I already knew what I was getting into, it was great.

I would recommend to anyone interested in this short story, to read the warnings. I really liked it, but I’m into really dark book, so beware before reading.

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