Review: The Start of Something New (Daniel and Ryan #2) by Tamryn Eradani

The Start of Something New (Daniel and Ryan Book 2) by [Eradani, Tamryn]


After a successful first scene together, Daniel and Ryan explore the possibility of continuing their relationship. Negotiating likes and dislikes in BDSM play is one thing, but can Daniel, who likes to keep his life ordered and free of mess, loosen up enough to let the relaxed and uninhibited Ryan deeper into his life?




It started exactly where the previous book left, which makes difficult to think it would work as a stand-alone. It was almost as good as it, but I felt like there was something off about this one. It maintain the same relationship dynamic, and the same way to manage the BDSM scenes that I liked so much. Is something not often seen in other stories. It concentrates more on the domination part, giving away the control, but it left away the use of toys or pain.

I think one of the things that bother me a little was how it is a whole new book instead of a part of the previous, since I don’t see a different plot here, and is just the continuing story of Daniel and Ryan. I think I would prefer a longer book, but just one book, and not necessarily a series. But still with that issue, it was very good. I really enjoyed it.

I would love to see where the relationship is going, I didn’t see much changes yet but I’m very intrigued about what the future might bring for this pair. In the meantime I’m loving the sexy scenes they share. In general it was a very nice reading, I had a great time.

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