Review: Who I Am When I’m With You (Daniel and Ryan #3) by Tamryn Eradani

Who I Am When I'm With You (Daniel and Ryan, #3)


Daniel and Ryan have fallen into a routine, carefully keeping work and play separate. In the office, they’re co-workers, people who sometimes meet in the break room, but in the bedroom they’re different. Daniel likes being someone different. He likes being Ryan’s Daniel for a little bit every night.




For the third book on the series, this is getting so much better. I was left a little unimpressed with the book 2, but whit this one, I’m right back on track. I love how things are working for Daniel and Ryan. I’m starting to feel more emotions coming from them and I just loved it.

What make this books different from the others, and the exact reason I liked it the most, is that now are starting to appear more emotions. We can see a more vulnerable side of Daniel, which is absolutely fantastic. I think it made it easier to see him with different eyes, a little more human and a lot more captivating for me. I can’t say I see Ryan the same way. I think Daniel it’s been a little more developed and it allow the reader to make a better connection with him, which doesn’t happen so easy wit Ryan. He remains as a mystery for me. It might be done on purpose but I would love to know him a little better.

The scenes between them have start to change a have become sexier as the time goes by. I think the more emotions are involved, it makes the scenes way better than they were at the beginning. I still don’t see love here, but I guess it’ll get there at some point. I just love how everything is working, it makes the relationship more believable. I’m so hook on the story right now, I’ll definitely will be reading the next parts of the series.

* ARC provided by publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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