Review: Taboo (Taboo #3) by Kol Anderson

Taboo (Taboo, #3)


Trey has his first encounter with Colton and things between him and Jake become more complicated. But trouble is never far from Jake, whose life has been rendered upside down and the only reason he is carrying on despite everything, is so he can be with his brother. But when he fails to save Colton, Jake gets into even more trouble with Weldon. It doesn’t look like it’s going to end well.



Another great instalment in this series. It was a little too short but I enjoyed every word. The story is back where I wanted it to be, more into the dark side. I was feeling a bit disappointed by the previous one, but good thing I kept reading because this one was as good as I could expect it.

I loved the little interaction between the brothers, it was so bittersweet. I also liked how easy was to feel Jake’s hopelessness, he seemed so defeated on this part, it brought back to me the emotions I felt in the first instalment, on which I loved him the most and felt very protective towards him. Trey is still something I can’t figure out, he just isn’t giving me any emotion, he is too plain and I can’t care for him. I don’t even want him for Jake, I don’t see a real relationship there, I don’t know what will happen with them, but I just can’t have any sympathy for him.

The plot is just the continuing story of the other parts, it certainly wouldn’t work as a stand-alone. It was a little more exciting and a little bit darker, although I would like a little more description of some scenes, but I definitely was pleased with what I read.

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