Review: The Salt of Your Tears by M. Caspian

The Salt of Your Tears


Three works of m/m erotica from M. Caspian

In His Skin: Harrison offers Dylan the world. All he asks in return is Dylan follow a few simple rules.
10,731 words

Asking For It: Cole was looking for one night of casual sex. Garrett’s going to give Cole everything he thought he couldn’t have.
7059 words

A Song in the Blood: Corran MacKenzie signed up to fight a war that wasn’t his. In the desert he found Sephtis. And his fate.
6522 words




It was a great book, I loved some of the stories better than the others, but in general I really enjoyed it. I do believe it lack some important warnings regarding the last story. I’d read it before and I’m taking the warnings that were post where I read it before. Beware for extreme violence on that one.

In His Skin
This one was my favorite. I loved Dylan, he was such an intriguing character and the communication aspect was something I enjoyed a lot. It had some things I didn’t liked, but overall I really liked it. What I loved the most was a scene where a leather belt was put to good use, even though it was a short scene. The last pages were great, I loved the ending.

Asking For It
It was certainly very hot, but there’s something about public sex activity that just doesn’t feel right for me. I did enjoyed the dirty talk, it was really good. For the plot, it wasn’t as interesting as the other ones, but if someone is looking for a hot hookup, this is definitely one story to look out.

A Song in the Blood
As I mention before, there is a warning for extreme violence on this one. But, other than that and if the reader is willing to go for it, it was very interesting. I felt kind of sorry for Corran, for how hard it was to find someone who could really understand him. I really had a big trouble with guns, but I guess a little gun play is not as bad as real like guns, so I really had a good time reading this one.

Overall, some very interesting stories, not as dark as I was expecting, even the last one had some violent moments but all consensual and very brief.

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