Review: Positive Reinforcement (Daniel and Ryan #4) by Tamryn Eradani

Positive Reinforcement (Daniel and Ryan, #4)


It’s Hell Week at work, which means Daniel hasn’t seen Ryan in what feels like too long. A quiet weekend in is exactly what they need, and Daniel strives to make sure he’s exactly what Ryan needs.




Performance Review is the four book of the Daniel and Ryan’s Series. Every book brings new twist in their relationship and this one wasn’t the exception. It was nice to see some kind of change of roles at the beginning of it. Mostly on work dynamics, but even though I enjoyed it, it was a little bit odd to see Daniel on a different attitude than I’m used to and it felt a little out of character at times. Gladly it wasn’t something that remain for the whole story, but it was a little bothersome for me.

The heat level might be a little lighter than the previous books, but this has been one of my favorites in terms of the BDSM scenes, maybe because it features one of my favorite activities. The relationship between them keeps moving a little slow but I’m really enjoying their time together. I love the little steps they give and how considerate they are to each other.

I’m really enjoying this series so much, the main characters personalities are a great part of why I’m liking this so much and I’m also appreciate a lot the way the relationship is developing. Another thing I really love about the series is how is introducing to me some BDSM activities I’m really not used to see in other books, this one being the only exception, but it was as good as the others.

* ARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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