Review: fangjunkie27 (FangFinder #1) by Lyssa Dering

fangjunkie27 (FangFinder, #1)


Shameless vampire addict Eli lives from vampire den to vampire den, securing invites via the vampire/human social network FangFinder. This weekend, he’s signed up for his most extreme adventure yet, a seventy-two-hour party where a contract serves as his voluntary consent to anything the den members decide to do to him.

Strong and silent type Orion is the only member of his den without fangs, a dhampir who wears metal points on two fingers so he can give the human guests what they crave. He uses parties like this one to keep the savage side of his nature in check. When his fellow den members suggest he claim Eli for the weekend, Orion agrees, since the little human is just Orion’s type.

Orion isn’t Eli’s type, though—or so Eli believes. But the pleasure he experiences in the dhampir’s hands is more intense than anything he’s felt with a vampire. Beneath Eli’s bratty nature are secret pains that fuel his addiction. Might Orion be a match for him sexually and emotionally?

fangjunkie27 is an erotic M/M novella with lots of angst, a bit of dubcon, and an HFN ending.

Word count: 22,000




I’m not completely sure about this book. I liked it, but I felt like something was missing. There were very interesting scenes, but at a point I lost some interest.

The plot was nice, very different from the usual paranormal stories I’d read. I didn’t liked the dhampir part, I haven’t read about that before reading the book and just right now, I’d made a little research to see if there had been mention before or if it was a new term created for the book’s purpose. I was surprised by the answer. Either way there was something I didn’t really enjoyed but I did liked the plot in general.

I liked the characters. Orion was nice. It was hard to see him in struggling to know what to do in some difficult situations. It was easy to felt his frustration under the circumstances he was. He felt a little too vulnerable for most of the book, but there were some great scenes where he was so powerful. Eli was so terribly annoying at the beginning of the book. He was a good character though. What I liked about him was how much anger he made me feel. I didn’t liked him that much, but I think it was normal reaction for me because of some features about him mostly mention in the last pages. I think it was a well done job for the author, to transmit emotions about the particular situation he was into, because I was able to feel what I feel in real life when dealing with something liked that.

For the BDSM part, I felt like I was left wanting more, there were few scenes but it were short and I wouldn’t mind more description.

Overall it was good. I enjoyed it. I want to know more about this world and since is only the second book I’ve read from the author, I’m still intrigued and I’ll keep reading more of her books, especially the next on the series.

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