Review: The Lords of Lettuce by Ofelia Gränd

The Lords of Lettuce (In the Kingpin's Shadow Book 2)


Old tunnels, lurking threats, and a race against time.

Creed wants his happily ever after with Grayham. They’ve faked his death and it should be as simple as that, right? But before his body double has had time to cool, there’s a knock on the door, and it looks like he and Grayham’s troubles are just getting started.

For reasons no one understands, a young boy has come to ask their help. He isn’t a normal boy, he’s a meta, able to see mere moments into the future, and to see how every action alters that future. He knows men are out to get him, he also knows Creed’s friend is in danger.

Grayham does not want to hunt for some wayward agent. He couldn’t care less if the agents of The Bureau of Whatever killed each other off, but then there is this look on Creed’s face, and he knows he’ll do everything he can to make him smile again. Being around Creed has made him soft, and it’s a weakness he can’t afford. But weakness or not, he’ll do anything for Creed.

Together Grayham and Creed set out to find Sal Minotti before it’s too late. They search the city of Carona, but he’s nowhere to be found, sadly that can’t be said about the gang members from the eastern side.




This was so great, I loved it. I didn’t remember The Maddest of Men being as exciting as this was, I know I loved it and I loved this one just as much.

The book start exactly where the previous left. That was a little bit of an issue for me, I would love to see Creed and Grayham’s relationship a bit more developed. But still, I really loved them so, I didn’t care that much. There weren’t changes in terms of personalities, which was great. I still had fun with Creed’s anxiety. His goodness of heart wasn’t all the times ok with me, but it was fine and character appropriate, although a little contradictory considering his chosen love interest. Grayham was lovely, there wasn’t a thing about him I don’t love, and I guess is not usual to describe someone who does what he does as lovely, but that’s just what I think about him, he seemed just so cute to me, I just love him.

There wasn’t too much time for love here, it was a lot of action and running and so much interesting twists that felt little time for love scenes but I was very please from what I got to read, I still would wish there were a little more. The only issue I had with the plot was that maybe I would have expect a little more angst, not too much though but It felt like, at time, they got away a bit too easy. Other than that, it was an absolutely joy to read this, I loved the characters and I truly hope there will be more of them in the future.

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