Review: Taboo (Taboo #4) by Kol Anderson

Taboo (Taboo, #4)


Jake has been guarding a secret about Colton that he’s afraid to reveal that when Weldon finds out what they’ve been hiding, not only will he make Jake pay for it but he plans on further putting the brothers in hell.




This instalment seemed to bring back the darkness I saw in the first one. It was great, as twisted and disturbing as I am used from the author.

The boys are amazing. I loved them together, there is much love and protectiveness from Jake, it was beautiful. I also loved Weldon, not really loved him, but I felt this was the character I met on the first book, and I was being a little underwhelmed by him in the previous parts, but I saw the monster I liked again. The situation Jake and Colton are into in this instalment is so terrible, so heartbreaking that is not possible to be indifferent to it.

It is great, definitely not a stand-alone, it should be read in the correct order to understand what’s going on and it should be read with caution and consider the same warnings the first book had. I can’t wait to read the next book, I love how this is heading to. I’m really loving this series.

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