Review: The Castaway Prince by Isabelle Adler

The Castaway Prince


Ostracized by his family for his sexual identity, Prince Stephan is forced to flee his homeland before his older brother ascends the throne.

Stephan has been drawn to feminine things for as long as he can remember, so when the dire need for secrecy arises, he seizes the chance to don the perfect disguise. With the help of his loyal servant, Stephan picks his way through hostile territory, hiding his identity by posing as a woman. His only hope for asylum lies with the man who had been his friend and lover three years ago. But when that man also happens to be the crown prince of a rival country, things are a bit more complicated.
With war looming on the horizon, the danger of discovery grows by the moment. With all odds stacked against him, will Stephan find a safe place where he can be his true self, or is he doomed to remain a castaway?




It was a lovely book to read. I’m really not a big fan of cross-dressing, but I can see in this book how the beauty of the character relays on his development and has nothing to do with what he’s wearing. Stephan was a sweet character, I liked him a lot. He was what I liked the most about the book, how sad he was but there was still hope on him. Maybe there was a little too much fantasy on his mind but being so idealistic, also made him beautiful.

The plot was nice, I liked how the blurb didn’t gave much away. It left out some nice surprises. For the romance, there was more the hopes of it than an actual relationship for most of the book, but it was more realistic that way and I liked how it worked out, although I did feel like at the end it was a little bit rushed.

Another thing that was interest was the family issues Stephan had. See everyone’s reactions was something that felt real, and it was hard not to feel sympathy for him considering all he had to endure. Overall was a lovely book, it had some sad moments but also some fun and happy ones. I liked it a lot.


* I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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