Review: An Instruction in Sin by Amy Paine

An Instruction in Sin


Millie, now married to James, is taking her delayed honeymoon on the Riviera, and her lover, Benita, has accompanied them. Millie’s attitude towards her has changed, and even though their affair is still as intense as ever, and now plumbs new depths of depravity—as she watches husband and wife together—Benita begins to wonder if Millie actually loves her as much as she thought, or if, as she feared, marriage has changed her. Her emotions in turmoil, Benita is plunged into a world of doubt as things prove harder for her to accept than she thought. In the midst of her anxiety though, she soon begins to wonder if the tales of James are true, and he is more of a womaniser than Millie knows.

As Benita fights for the love of her life, James is drawn further into the world of wealthy industrialist Lance Preslin and his beautiful damaged wife, Belle. Benita investigates his absences from the villa and soon fears that James is indeed having an affair. Events are poised as Benita finds herself in an impossible situation, should she or should she not air her fears, or will this push Millie further away. Then, the unthinkable occurs, and overnight, something happens changes her entire future.




The third instalment of the Travelling Companion’s series, was just as good and interesting as the previous book. We see Benita and Millie as an established couple now, and it was great to guess where their relationship would go now.

There was some kind of melancholic feeling on this book, I felt the same about the second book. Both of them lack the humorous feeling the first one had, but that doesn’t make them any less good, just a little bit different.

What make this one feel somehow sad, was the fact that their relationship seemed to be falling apart, there were moments I was even thinking why would they even bother?, why not just quit?. I even got to second guess Millie’s feelings and see her as a little selfish. Things were so much more complicated than what I was thinking and I got to change my thoughts about her, but I had the same feeling for most of the book.

I guess, seeing things from Benita’s point of view made easier to care more about her. I liked her the most and felt so frustrated for the things she had to endure in order to being at the side of her beloved Millie, she was a great character and the book in general was really good. It is the one from the series that has the most interesting twist, it was very interesting.

* ARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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