Review: Deep Space: Love and Other Lies by Kol Anderson

Deep Space: Love and Other Lies


Madoc Taliesin doesn’t know what he wants or who he wants. but who does when they’re young?
But Leo knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to go after it. Unfortunately for Madoc, Leo wants him. And Leo won’t let Madi off the hook now that he’s in his sight.





It was a good book, but I guess it’s different from what I expected. I liked most of it, but there were a few things that didn’t allow me to love it as I had other books from the author. I recommend to anyone, willing to try it, to read the warnings and take them seriously.

What I liked about the book was the mystery. Guessing the motives is something I enjoy a lot and this book had me doing all sort of hypothesis, all of them wrong of course, which was fantastic because there was a lot of surprises here.

What I didn’t liked about it was that there was not real connection between the main characters, none of them made a good job creating empathy, I simply couldn’t care for any of them and the possibility of a relationship felt forced. Another thing I didn’t like, and maybe the most important, was that the story felt a little confusing, I’m not sure if it was me having trouble with translations or the story by itself, but I got very lost, especially at the last pages and that made it a hard to liked it as I was expecting to.

In general it was an interesting story, as dark and disturbing as I liked it from the author, but lacking some of the strong emotions I generally enjoy. I think readers who like dark theme books can be able to enjoy it.

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