Review: Possession 1 by Yamila Abraham

Possession 1


The demon possessed man Jonah has fallen under the dark authority of Priest Sabaste, patron of the four gods of Rainor. Sabaste crosses boundaries that no priest should, forcing Jonah to confront the vulnerability of his condition. He’s thrust into the intrigue of the Rainor court, while at the mercy of its diabolical priest.

The start of a dark sensual slow-burn series by the author of Maelstrom!




It was a good book. It has a very interesting story and intriguing characters but it really is not my kind of book.

I’m the only one to blame because I read the blurb and I’m really not comfortable with some features of the main characters and I decided to read it. I was and still am intrigued by the authors writing and I read it anyway.

The plot is good, is only the first part of a series and, because of that, I think there’s still a lot to know, but I was ok with what I knew about the characters, there’s still so much to find out which makes the next parts very appealing. I do think there were some flaws, maybe it would be explain in the next instalments, but if not I’ll be a little disappointed. What bother me a lot was how kind the demon was, he is a demon after all and he was so sweet that I just couldn’t see him as a demon for other reason than his physical appearance.

I won’t be reading the next books in the series, not because of the writing, which was good, but for personal reason concerning the main characters. I’m still intrigued by the author and I think I will try another book.

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