Review: Sticky Fingers by Nic Starr

Sticky Fingers


One weekend away will change everything.

At twenty-five, Jeff Wilder is dissatisfied with city life and unsure of his future direction. The only thing he really cares about is his monthly visit to his grandfather in the country.

His exact opposite, Danny Amaro is an artist and a free spirit. He believes in taking chances and living life to the full. Over one weekend, Danny gives Jeff a glimpse of what life could be like if he opens himself to change.

Can a new friend, shared passion, and marmalade, be the ingredients to set Jeff in a new direction?

Note: This is a short story of approximately 8k words and is available free to Nic Starr’s newsletter subscribers.




This was such a fun short story, I had great time reading it. I was looking for something short to read and this was just what I needed.

What I liked about it were the characters, they were both kind of sweet. The story is nice, I guess there wasn’t enough time for a more complex plot or getting a little more into the main characters mind, because of the length, but I really enjoyed what I read. I would love to know more about this characters. I can see this as the start of something great and would love to see the author exploring more of their relationship.

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