Review: Pain (Darwin’s Theory #1) by Adrienne Wilder

Pain (Darwin's Theory, #1)


My name is Darwin De Groi, and I’m in love with Peter Forbes. But Pete has this dream of becoming a metaphysical scientist and that means all his time—his attention—is taken up by college and studying. So in order to deal with the pain of watching Peter and never having him I spend most of my time in the Gray Zone, the no-man’s-land between the city of Atlanta and the Dens. There I’m free to drown myself; with drugs, with booze…

With the inhuman.

Lesser-Breds. Kin hybrids. The offspring of Humans and Dragons.

But then an act of revenge led to a stupid college prank, which put Peter right into my arms.

A better man would make the right decision and tell Pete no.

I am so not that man.




This was so good, I really wasn’t expecting to like it too much. I’ve been intrigued by the author for quite a long time and I’ve never made the time to read something until now. I choose this one because of it was short but I wasn’t too much attracted by the blurb, that’s why I wasn’t expecting to like it. How wrong I was, this was very good.

One of the things I liked the most was the contrast between the main characters personalities. We only get to know Peter from Darwin’s eyes, but he seemed such a nice guy, maybe a little bit too perfect, which isn’t always ok with me, but he was sweet and against all odds I did liked him. Darwin on the other hand, was such an unpleasant character, which would make me hate him from the beginning, but I really didn’t. It is very interesting to see such character, not the usual hero of a story, a little more like a villain, and yet he had some great appealing that had me hooked to the story and guessing his next action. I’m still trying to figure him out.

The plot was good, and it was a great introduction to the main characters, and it left the reader wanting more. I definitely will be reading the next instalments on the series. As the experiment reading this book was for me, I have to say it was a great first impression on the author’s writing. If I was intrigued before, this book prove me I was on the right track.

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