Review: Making It Pay by J.L. Merrow

Making It Pay


Sometimes you can’t see the silver lining for the clouds.

Abandoned as a baby and now working as a rent boy, Daniel finds it hard to let people get close to him. But nightclub bouncer Rob has a kind face and he’s helped Daniel out once already, so when he catches Daniel on a bad night, Daniel accepts his offer of money and goes home with him.

Even though it breaks his heart.

Letting Rob pay him for sex may have wrecked their friendship just when Daniel needs all the friends he can get. But there are more reasons why he hasn’t seen Rob since that night — and one in particular that makes building a relationship seem almost too much to hope for.




This was such a bittersweet short story. I loved it. It might be a little bit too short, but I felt like I was able to care enough for Daniel. He seemed like a lovely guy and there’s a few moments when I could feel his heart breaking, it was very beautiful. I didn’t like Rob that much, but I don’t think he wasn’t likable, I just liked Daniel better. The plot was nice, and there are few things I didn’t see coming. It was very interesting.

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