Review: Darwin’s Theory: PROMISES (Darwin’s Theory #3) by Adrienne Wilder

Darwin's Theory: PROMISES


I have come to terms with the idea of Peter becoming Lesser-Bred. See, sometimes I can look at the glass of milk as being half-full instead of close to empty.

Besides, it’s not all that hard. Look at the benefits. More time alone with him, my greedy bastard self, and the bed. Granted, it’s time we could be spending in the Gray Zone. I did promise to take Peter there to find a Lesser-Bred to meet his needs.

But since Peter hasn’t mentioned going, I haven’t bothered to remind him. What can I say, the idea of another man satisfying Pete in a way I can’t doesn’t exactly put me in my happy place.

Maybe, with any luck, Pete won’t kill me.

Kill me and eat me.




This was just as good as book 1 and 2. I really enjoyed reading it. No changes on my impression about the characters, which is great, because I expect a character to remain the same all along the series, maybe some personal growth would be ok, but I liked them the way they are right now.

Not so much advance in the relationship on this instalment but enough emotions to make it appealing and even cute at times. I love the tender moments they share, sometimes I think they could be out of character for what I seen on Darwin but it really aren’t because only shows how much he cares about Peter. I really loved them together.

The plot was very good. I would love to have a better explanation about what kin and lesser-bred mean and their feeding process cause it kind of just is there and we suppose to know what it isn’t but I really didn’t and even now after reading three instalments of the series, there are thing that I think I know, but not really fully understand. The plot is improving and there’s more action for reader who might enjoyed that.

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