Review: Mug Shots (Men at Work) by Keelan Ellis

Mug Shots


Working in a coffee shop and spending his nights alone is all Neil thinks he can handle after returning from military service. When Detective Macon Chance starts flirting with him, his first reaction is to dismiss it. Rather than admit his attraction, Neil tells himself he finds Chance annoying.

But the detective is nothing if not persistent. Despite the obvious spark between them, nothing is simple. Both men have plenty of issues of their own to sort through if they’re going to make it work.




It was a very enjoyable short story. I was a little dubious about it because of its length, I thought it would feature a rushed relationship without any emotions between the main characters and only lust to get them together, but I was very mistaken, it had a very beautiful relationship on which was easy to see they started caring for each other.

The plot was ok, nothing too complicated, but interesting enough to keep my attention. There is also very low in angst, which make it suitable for any reader looking for a fun story. My favorite part of it was the relationship development, I liked how it didn’t felt forced. I had a good time reading it.

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