Review: Outshine the Stars by Nash Summers

Outshine the Stars


Justin is hell on legs. He’s a self-proclaimed brat, a manipulator, and has a bit of a flare for the dramatic. While Justin might look like the picture of innocence, he leaves a path of terror wherever he goes.

His senior year starts off like all the others, him and his best friend sticking their noses up at everyone else while they bask in their own glory. But when a handsome new student catches Justin’s eye, he recruits the likes of a smart-mouthed kid named Connor to help him in his mission to capture the heart of the attractive newcomer. When Justin is finally forced to face himself and the truth behind his self¬-centered universe, it feels like the sky comes crashing down.




This was such a lovely short story. I loved the precious characters created by the author.

It was very short, but I love how the author can create such an endearing story with few words. The characters were what I liked the most of it, all of them. Justin was really funny. The first paragraph fool me so beautifully, the second one made me smile and I kept that smile through all the story. Gwen was also a fun character to read, Andrew was very sweet and Connor was also a great character, each of them had something especial.

The plot was nice, a little bit of angst but nothing unbearable. It was a great story, very enjoyable. It seems I keep loving everything I read from the author.

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