Review: Merek’s Choosing: A Vampire Royalty Prequel Short Story by Lyssa Dering

Merek’s Choosing: A Vampire Royalty Prequel Short Story


With each new Vampire King comes the Choosing—a ceremony in which the King of Cruor and his vampire nobles select new humans for their lines. In the neighboring Kingdom of Strix, one human wants more than anything to be chosen. For in Cruor, a man may love a man with no repercussions.

In this prequel short story to a new erotic romance vampire fantasy series, join Merek on his journey from ordinary second son to Vampire Prince.

Word count: 7,000

WARNING: This short story contains several erotic scenes and a relationship, but it is not a romance. It does NOT contain an HEA or HFN ending. Merek’s story will continue in book 1 of the Vampire Royalty series.



This was a nice short story. I was very intrigued by the not HFN or HEA ending warning and even though I wasn’t disappointed, I still wish for a happy ending for Merek in the future.

I’m not particularly fan of vampire stories, but I tend to enjoy them once in a while. This was a nice one. I liked some of the characters but I felt like they lack development. Considering this is a short story prequel, I expect to know them a little better in the next book.

I can’t say I fell in love with Merek, I think I still need to know things about him, but he was ok. I did have a lot of trouble with his chosen partner for whom I have no sympathy. I disliked him from the start, I couldn’t care for their relationship either, but I can’t wait to see what the future might bring. I liked the possibility of some antagonists, I also like the world they are into. I would love to see more conflicts, but overall it was a very enjoyable story.

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