Review: Taboo 5: Final Episode by Kol Anderson

Taboo 5: Final Episode




This was a nice final instalment of the series. Maybe not my favorite and there was something about the ending that didn’t felt right for me.

Was it good? Yes, very good, I really enjoyed it, but there was something about making Weldon a little bit weaker than I see him that wasn’t ok for me, he didn’t disappointed me really but there was something that didn’t felt right, he kind of redeem himself at the end, but I just don’t know, there was something off about him.

Trey has never been I character I liked, this instalment didn’t change that, but I guess other readers won’t have issued with him. Jake and Colton were lovely as they have been so far, both my favorite characters al trough the series. I really enjoyed them so much.

The ending might be satisfying for most readers, I did have a little bit of an issue about it, but overall it was great episode.

As a whole story it was absolutely amazing, really dark, twisted and with a lot of angst. Definitely one of the thing I enjoy reading. The author makes a great job giving life to an evil mind. I loved this series.

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