Review: Mr Tok by Sadie Swift

Mr Tok (The Inexplicable Adventures of Miss Alice Lovelady Book 1)


A murderous attack at Queen Victoria’s Annual Inventor’s Exhibition is the latest in a series by the mysterious Mr Tok. Because of the danger posed to Her Majesty the Government is on high alert.

The secret Department Sir Percival (connoisseur of Cossack Horserider Weekly) and I, Miss Alice Lovelady (seeker after Sapphic love), work for inform us we must forego further aetheric experimentation and put a stop to Mr Tok’s homicidal activities.

But, even with the aid of the dour Departmental liaison, can we also prevail against the offensive capabilities of flightless birds?




This was a very nice book. I liked the mystery although I was distracter for a few moments, I guess I’ll take the blame on this, because the story was very fun to read.

I’ll admit two things about this. I was kind of expecting some romance here, not that the blurb said anything about it but I was kind of hoping. I did felt a little disappointed but it didn’t lack it completely, at least there is a hint of a future relationship which motivates me to keep reading the next instalments. The second thing I had to admit is, I didn’t noticed it was a series when I got it. It’s not a bad thing, I guess the reasons I explain before might keep me hook to another part of it.

One of the things I didn’t like was that, at the beginning of the book I felt like there was not an appropriate spotlight for the main character, she was just there but I didn’t feel like she was doing anything other than just being there and at times I even second guessed if she was really the main character. Thing got a little better after a while but it was a little bothersome.

Overall it was an enjoyable book, I had a good time reading it and I loved the idea of Alice hair.

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