Review: BEG: Dark paranormal angels and demons by Christine Raven Wright

BEG: Dark paranormal angels and demons (An Angel's Descent Book 1)


In the eternal struggle between demons and angels, Talon and Kayne are total opposites. Talon, a guardian angel, is swayed by his compassionate heart and strays from the ordained Master Plan one too many times. Kayne, a fallen angel turned into a demon lieutenant, is ruthless at his job. He is tasked with punishing Talon. In the depths of Hell Talon endures torture and damnation at Kayne’s hands. Such an existence shouldn’t lend itself to a bond forming between the two immortal enemies, but the unwanted attentions of the Lord of Darkness himself brings Talon and Kayne closer than expected. Talon desires his freedom but can he trust the demon to save him?




This was really good. I was looking for a short book to read and this was just perfect. I liked Talon a lot, he was a great character. I can’t say the same about Kayne, I didn’t care much for him, but I didn’t hate him either.

The plot was nice. It didn’t took me much time to get interested in the story, the first scene got my attentions very quickly. I do like reading dark theme books therefore I didn’t have any issues with some of the events of it, but I do consider convenient for other readers to know the book content some seriously violent scenes, among them torture and non-con. It also had puppy play, which was a big inconvenient for me and I wouldn’t read it if I had knew it before I start, but I was already in the middle of it, and very involved in the plot, so I endure the scene.

The characters were nice, again, I care a lot more for Talon than for any other in the book. I did have a very hard time believing he had any sympathy or any other positive feelings towards Kayne, but I did ended up liking how things went.

It is the first part of a series and I liked t enough to be sure I’ll be reading the next ones soon.


Review: Pink Slip: a Halloween romance (Tattooed Corpse Stories #1) by Amy Spector

Pink Slip: a Halloween romance (Tattooed Corpse Stories, # 1)


Jackson Winter loves everything Halloween. He loves the weather, he loves horror movies and he loves his job at Hoffman Farm and Dairy’s yearly Trail of Terror. Now he thinks he just might be falling in love with the trail’s newest special effects artist, Tae Min Reese.

Tae is a disappointment all around. He’s not a doctor like his brother, he’s an art school dropout, and he has no interest in making his mother any grandbabies. Now it even looks like he’s going to lose his job at a second-rate, haunted farm. And he’s not even sure why.

When Tae decides he needs to break the bad news to the good-looking zombie actor who makes up any excuse to see him, a chance encounter gives them both something else to worry about.

Now, two angry drunks, a stinky car, and a dead body could ruin Halloween for Jackson forever. Or could it mean a happy ending for them both?




I had a great time reading it. I really don’t like Halloween stories, but this is one of the authors that will make me read whatever she writes, besides I read some of her other horror books and I loved them so, maybe is just the word Halloween what I don’t like.

The story was great, I struggle a little at the beginning, I didn’t care so much for the main characters but after a while I was at a point I couldn’t stop reading. It became all so exciting that I just couldn’t put it down. Both main characters ended up being much nicer than I thought and I also loved the humorous moments that lighten up the overall emotion of the book.

The only issue I had was that there were things that remain a mystery, maybe something on purpose considering this is only book one of a series that will surely keep me hook to it.

Review: Halloween in Wish City by Lyssa Dering

Halloween in Wish City


In this short story set after the events of How to Love a Monster, Fiend and Seraphim attend a Halloween party at Wish’s house, where unresolved tensions lurk like ghosts and Wish unleashes a diabolical surprise.




This was fun to read. I liked this characters but, and this is a big but, I feel like this was too sweet, just too much for me, at least considering Fiend, and it was him who I felt was exceeding the limits of what I like. I do like cute talking between couples at times, but he is a monster after all. He did have some great moments.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the story was the jealousy and possessiveness. I loved when Fiend wanted to make clear that Seraphim was his. I wasn’t too impressed by Seraphim, he was a nice character but I liked Fiend so much more.

Overall it was very entertaining. I kind of expect something spookier considering it was a Halloween story but I’m not really into Halloween stuff so it didn’t bother me. I did have a good time with the book. I truly hope to get more of this characters in the future.

Review: Omega Reclaimed by Tanya Chris

Omega Reclaimed


“Of course I smelled him—smelled him and was drawn to him. Rich, ripe, male omega—not far away and well into his heat. Unsatisfied heat. I laughed, realizing that in this moment, at least, the omega was the boss of the alpha. I needed to help him.”

Angel, an alpha who’s left the violent, strictly hierarchical rules of his pack to find success in the big city, and Leo, an omega on the run from his abusive alpha, are thrust together to satisfy Leo’s urgent heat-lust. But can a once-hurt omega ever trust an alpha to care for and protect him again? And can an alpha sensitive to social injustice learn to enjoy his naturally dominant nature?

Angel and Leo must both face the pasts they ran away from before the two can build a new future together. They may not be able to change the laws of nature, but they can change the language of love.

Omega Reclaimed is a MM alpha/omega shapeshifter novella.




I liked this a lot more than I expected. I started reading without even remember why I have chosen the book. I didn’t read the blurb previous start reading, I had read it before but I didn’t really remember, which I do sometimes because I like surprises while reading. I’m not a big fan of the Alpha-Beta-Omega dynamic, or the heat thing that I find a little disturbing to read, but I did enjoyed reading this book because it is so much more than just that.

At the beginning of the book I was a little disappointed and I was even thinking not finish reading it. It start with sex without emotion between the main characters and I rather read stories that involved true feelings between before anything physical happens. I keep reading and I’m glad I did, because once the heat was over, the plot started developing and it became so much more interesting.

I loved that the book touch some important themes as abuse and equality. I think that’s what I enjoyed the most about it, but I don’t want to say much in case it might give some spoilers away. The main characters relationship wasn’t the greatest I’ve read, but I did enjoyed it and ended up believing they really care for each other.

What I didn’t like about it was that, sometimes, it feel like there was just too much sex and it give less time for the plot to develop more. There were times where I just wanted to skip those parts. I also think the ending was a little rushed, I did liked it feel unexpected, which I appreciate a lot, but still too rushed.

Overall I liked it. It is the first book I read from the author and, looking back to the blurb, I guess it was the abuse part what made me read it. I love books that are brave enough to address such themes.

Review: Anxiety Relief for Kids On-the-Spot Strategies to Help Your Child Overcome Worry, Panic, and Avoidance by Bridget Flynn Walker

Anxiety Relief for Kids On-the-Spot Strategies to Help Your Child Overcome Worry, Panic, and Avoidance


If you have a child with anxiety, you need quick, in-the-moment solutions you can easily use now to help your child face their fears and worries. Written by a psychologist and expert in childhood anxiety, this easy-to-use guide offers proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure skills you can use at home, in social settings, or anywhere anxiety takes hold.

Being a parent is tough work. And when your child has an anxiety disorder, the tough gets upgraded to downright hard. You love your child, and it hurts to see them afraid or constantly worried. But life needs to be lived, and schedules often need to be kept especially if your child is in school! So, how can you manage your child s anxiety during those trying moments when you just need to get from A to B without losing your sanity?

Helping Your Child Overcome Anxiety provides quick solutions based in evidence-based CBT and exposure therapy two of the most effective treatments for anxiety disorders. You ll find a background and explanation of the different types of anxiety disorders, in case you aren t sure whether or not your child has one. You ll also learn to identify your child s avoidant and safety behaviors the strategies your child uses to cope with their anxiety, such as repeatedly checking their homework or asking the same questions repeatedly as well as anxiety triggers that set your child off.

With this book, you ll find a wealth of information regarding your child s specific anxiety disorder and how to respond to it. For example, if your child has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD, the skills you use to help them are different than other anxiety disorders. No matter your child s specific symptoms or diagnosis, you ll discover tailored interventions you can use now to help your child thrive.

If your child has an anxiety disorder, simple, everyday activities can be a real challenge. The practical solutions in this book will help you deal with your child s anxiety when it happens and restore balance and order to both your lives.




I liked it. It seems like a useful way to help kids with anxiety. It does have some parts that doesn’t seem likely to work with every kid, either because it is too childish for bigger kids or because it requires too much self-awareness and little kids might not be able to do it correctly, but in general terms, it is a good book and I think it can be a good tool to help mot kids dealing with anxiety.

The book is written in a simple language. It is very easy to understand the concepts it explain. It also use examples, including in those conversations between parent and kid, but doesn’t used them in excess making it boring. There are chapters that help to identify triggers, correct thinking errors and develop a plan for exposure, among others, but that last one I mention, was the one that I find more helpful, although I wouldn’t recommend to go to that one without have the knowledge the previous one will give.

One of the limitations I think it has is that it depend on the parent’s willingness to work along the kid. There is one thing to read a book about the theme, which is already a sign the parent want to help, but I wonder how many of the people who will read the book, will take seriously the commitment to work for this. To anyone willing to do it, this book will be a great tool.

*Book provided by NetGalley.

Review: Frío de Invierno de Aria Grace

Frío de Invierno (Spanish Edition) by [Grace, Aria]


Indie Walker comenzó la universidad con una beca de basketball y un plan para mantenerse enfocado en sus estudios. Su compañero de cuarto y mejor amigo, Daniel, es uno de los chicos más populares en el equipo de lucha. Cuando un corte de energía durante una tormenta de invierno, los obliga a acercarse el uno al otro más que nunca antes para sobrevivir la noche, su relación cambia para siempre. Ninguno de los dos es gay, pero la química física entre ambos no se puede negar. Desafortunadamente, los problemas de Daniel en casa podrían ser demasiado serios para que ellos puedan superarlos.




Este es una de las primeras, sino la primera traducción al español de la autora. Respecto a la traducción no encuentro ningún inconveniente, si hubo errores en ella fueron suficientemente sutiles para pasar desapercibidos por lo que mi percepción del libro no se encuentra afectada por esto.

Sin embargo, si encontré muchos inconvenientes con él y tuve que luchar un poco para llegar a el final. Hubo algunas cosas que si me gustaron que voy a mencionar más adelante, pero creo que las que no me gustaron tuvieron más peso en esta ocasión.

Lo que me gusto del libro fueron los personajes, en general eran ambos agradables y tuvieron unos momentos agradables que realmente disfruté. No hay demasiada angustia en la historia y el libro es fácil de leer.

Lo que no me gusto al respecto fueron varias cosas. Entre estas la facilidad con que aceptaron la atracción que sentían en un instante sin antes haber considerado ni siquiera que el otro les resultara atractivo, no me pareció que fuera algo realista. Además parecía una relación desarrollada únicamente por lujuria y ningún sentimiento involucrado. Aun así, esto no fue lo que más me molesto del libro. Lo que me hizo difícil desear continuar con el libro, fue la manera tan hostil en que las figuras femeninas que aparecieron en la historia fueron representadas, me sentí cansada de los constantes insultos que fueron dirigidos hacia ellas y, en uno de los casos, lo entendí, pero no pude ignorar la constante agresividad en la forma de dirigirse a ellas. Si bien no fue con el cien por ciento de las mujeres, si fue así con las que tenían una función en el desarrollo de la trama, que en el caso de la familia de Daniel, me pareció irrelevante para el desarrollo de la misma.

Es la primera vez que leo algo sobre la escritora, no pienso que esta primera experiencia sea suficiente para determinar si me gusta o no su trabajo, por lo que planeo continuar leyendo sus libros en el futuro.

Review: Illegal Contact (The Barons #1) by Santino Hassell

Illegal Contact (The Barons, #1)


The rules of the game don’t apply off the field in this first Barons novel. 

New York Barons tight end Gavin Brawley is suspended from the team and on house arrest after a video of him brawling goes viral. Gavin already has a reputation as a jerk with a temper on and off the field—which doesn’t help him once he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. And while he’s been successful professionally, he’s never been lucky when it comes to love.

Noah Monroe is a recent college grad looking for a job—any job—to pay off his mounting student debt. Working as Gavin’s personal assistant/babysitter seems like easy money. But Noah isn’t prepared for the electrifying tension between him and the football player. He’s not sure if he’d rather argue with Gavin or tackle him to the floor. But both men know the score, and neither is sure what will happen once Gavin’s timeout is over…




Gavin is the New York Barons’ tight end. Known by his bad temper that has gained him to be on house arrest after an incident on a night out, and not being able to get out, he needed someone to run his errands. Noah has been struggling to pay student debts and trying to help his unemployed father. A job as a personal assistant to a famous athlete seems to be what he’s been looking for. But none of them is prepare for the tension and attraction that start to grow between them.

It took me quite a while to care for Gavin. He was such an unlikable character for most of the book. I have a lot of issues with him because he was awful with Noah when he was a stranger. He only treated him well when he was already someone important in his life and that bothered me a lot. I do think the author did a great job with him at the end because Gavin kind of grows on the reader. For most of the book I couldn’t care for him but toward the end, I was so invested in their relationship that I want them to end up together. I really got to like Gavin and it makes a perfect example of how easy it is to judge a person by the first impression we get from them.

Noah was a great character. He would speak his mind and do as he like, whether he was talking to his boss, a friend or anyone else. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid to ask for it. I liked him so much more than Gavin. He wasn’t perfect either, but somehow it was easier to forgive him.

One of the things I liked about the book was the importance it gives to the prejudice. It was really sad to see how much a person living in the spotlight is seen as an object and it gets hard to see beyond the personality or the features that have been assigned to them. Although it gives mostly a positive message, there was a thing that bothered me a lot. It was how violence tried to be justified. I don’t believe it had any justification, sure it make the character seemed more human, I understood where it came from, but still, I see no good reason for violence.

The relationship between Gavin and Noah is exactly what I look for when reading romance. There was attraction from the start, but it started to develop at a steady pace. It gave enough time to the reader to make it believable. Near the half of the book, I was thinking the sex was going to be a little more toned down than I’m used to from the author. How mistaken I was. It is very explicit and it has a lot of steamy sex scenes.

Overall it was so much more than I expected. I’m not really into sports books, but this was a great one. Recommend it to anyone looking for a steamy M/M romance with bad tempered characters.

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