Review: Bad Moon Arising by C.L. Mustafic

Bad Moon Arising (Outcasts, #1)


In a sleepy trailer park in the backwoods of Minnesota lake country, there lies a secret—threatened by a Grindr hookup gone bad.

Clay Anderson gets more than he bargained for when, in a moment of passion, he bites his Grindr hookup hard enough to draw blood. The man’s reaction isn’t as reassuring as Clay hoped, but of all the consequences Clay considered, lycanthropy wasn’t among them.

Damian Maccon leads a simple life as part of the Outcast pack. Not realizing at first that Clay swallowed his blood during their wild romp, he feels responsible when it’s evident that Clay has become infected. Worse, he now has a new werewolf on his hands until Clay learns the rules, and he has to oversee Clay’s decision to choose a mate within the pack.

Damian thinks his biggest problem is that Clay hates him, but when Clay chooses Damian’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Blaine, he goes on full alert. Can he save Clay from the same fate that befell him at Blaine’s hands?




There was so much interesting things going on in this book that I just couldn’t put it down. I did take me a while to get to that point, because I was struggling at the start, but once I got myself hook to t, it was wonderful.

The plot was great, there were a lot of things that I really didn’t see coming. I love a book, like this one, that is able to surprise me. I liked the whole dynamic around Blaine but I think the author give too much away in the blurb. It had a nice steady pace, a bit slow at the beginning but it caught my attention soon enough to make me keep reading until the end. There are a little bit of something, there’s action, pack politics, some fun moments and some of the cutest scenes I’ve read in a shifter book regarding the shift moment. I loved the wolf moments so much, they were adorable, I laugh so much.

The characters were so nice or maybe Damian was but they both had some unattractive features that make them real and I liked that. Clay was hard to like. Always so defensive, so aggressive towards others and easy to judge. Definitely not the most charming characters but there was something appealing about him, maybe the question of what’s behind that attitude and the expectation of getting to know him better. Damian was easier to like, also a little rude at times, but I guess he was a little more developed characters and we get to know the reasons for the way he acted like that. There were also a lot of great characters in the pack, some more likable than others but the whole group make the story better.

Overall it was great. I was a little concern because I’m more used of the author’s darker books and I wasn’t sure if this one was going to meet my expectation, but it did beautifully.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at goodreads.


Release Day: Don’t Let Go: Broken Boys #1 by T.N. Nova and R. Phoenix



No One Ever Stays.

Dylan Dosi, lead singer of a famous rock band, battles with his personal demons — an internal battle of hurricane proportions that threaten to overtake him at any given moment. Untrusting, hyper-aware, and always on edge, Dyl keeps people at arm’s length while giving the appearance that everything is okay.

Oswald ‘Oz’ Walter is a graphic artist who battles his own internal tempests — ones that cause him to lash out at the most unexpected times. In a constant push/pull struggle within him, Oz stays distanced from people yet craves their company as much as he fears it.

When their individual perceptions can cause the two men to see things in different lights, can Dylan and Oz learn to trust each other? Or will they fall prey to their own self-fulfilling prophecies when yet again no one ever stays?


This book contains realistic detailed depictions of mental illnesses as well as portraying BDSM and a D/s lifestyle.



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T.N. Nova

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R. Phoenix

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Release Blitz and Review: Thrall by Thrall by Avon Gale and Roan Parrish

Thrall by Avon Gale and Roan Parrish

 Publisher: Philtre Press

 Release Date (Print & Ebook): September 27th, 2018

 Subgenre: Mystery

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Dating Sucks & Love Bites

Happy couple Mina Murray and Lucy Westenra have begun to garner national attention for their quirky New Orleans true-crime podcast, Shadowcast. When Lucy’s brother Harker disappears while researching the popular new dating app Thrall, they’re thrown into a real-life mystery. Aided by their social media expert, Arthur, and Harker’s professor, Van Helsing, they follow the trail, hoping to find Harker before it’s too late.

When their investigation crosses the path of a possible serial killer, the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur. And as they race against the app’s countdown clock, so does the line between friendship and love. What starts as a flirtatious rivalry between computer-savvy Arthur and techno-averse Van Helsing becomes much more, and Mina and Lucy’s relationship is tested in the fires of social media.

As they get down to the wire, the group discovers that nothing on their screens is as it seems—including their enemy.

A modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.



 Van Helsing

I…no. You know you’re young enough to be one of my graduate students? Though much better dressed. But if your flirting is sincere, then I welcome it. I can’t deny that I felt something between us this morning.


Arthur Quincey

I, uh, definitely felt something

Ugh, sorry, that was a terrible joke—you should be impressed, I never get this nervous. but seriously, so did I. It’s definitely sincere.

 Van Helsing

I am also nervous. I…I suppose I don’t quite know what to say next. I’ve never attempted to flirt on a—what is this, chat?


Arthur Quincey

OMG, Gus. (I’m…look, that name reminds me of the musical Cats, which I loathe so can I call you Van?)

It’s kind of hot you just said you were nervous btw (and yeah, it’s chat)

 Van Helsing

I got the feeling you were calling me Professor on purpose, no? Yes, I suppose I can suffer through Van, if you must.

Ah, well, I’m very gratified you think so.


Arthur Quincey

Yeah, because I like it. The professor thing is totally a turn-on. And I like the idea of making you like that name, Van. Just because no one else has.





There were a lot of ups and down in this book and I’m still trying to figure out my overall feeling about the book.


The things that I liked about it were a lot. First, the retelling of a beloved book. It was an interesting concept and I loved seeing the characters in a total different way than I imagine them. I also liked the flirtatious tone of some of the interactions, it was really sweet. What I liked the most about it was the mystery. The moments when the story center in trying to solve the mystery were the ones that capture my attention the most.


The things that I didn’t liked about it were, maybe, as much as the ones that I did liked. I found interesting the way the story was told. It was unusual and I was glad to see the authors giving it a try to something new. Sadly, it didn’t worked that well for me. I found it distracting. I’m not a big fan of social media and I felt a bit lost at times. Another thing that was a bit distracting is that, somehow, I felt fool. I thought this was a F/F romance, and even though there was a F/F established couple, it wasn’t quite what I expect, maybe this one is on me because it’s not that clear in the blurb, and that’s what I interpreted on it. I still was glad to see some M/M romance there but, for a book that features a dating app, I think it wasn’t too romantic.


Overall it was ok. I didn’t particularly loved it, but there was a lot of the book that I really enjoyed.





About the Authors:


Avon Gale

Avon Gale was once the mayor on Foursquare of Jazzercise and Lollicup, which should tell you all you need to know about her as a person. She likes road trips, rock concerts, drinking Kentucky bourbon, JRPGs and yelling at hockey. She’s a displaced southerner living in a liberal midwestern college town, and she never gets tired of people and their stories — either real or the ones she makes up in her head.


Avon is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary Agency.


Connect with Avon: Twitter | Facebook | Newsletter | Instagram | Website


Roan Parrish

Roan Parrish lives in Philadelphia, where she is gradually attempting to write love stories in every genre.


When not writing, she can usually be found cutting her friends’ hair, meandering through whatever city she’s in while listening to torch songs and melodic death metal, or cooking overly elaborate meals. She loves bonfires, winter beaches, minor chord harmonies, and self-tattooing. One time she may or may not have baked a six-layer chocolate cake and then thrown it out the window in a fit of pique.


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Audiobook Review: Alpha (Tamed & Trained #2) by R. Phoenix and M.A. Innes


Alpha audiobook cover art


[Sequel to Puppy.] Zain was just a dog walker. It was an unconventional job for a werewolf, even a brand new one, but he liked dogs and they liked him. It only seemed to make sense… right up until the point a vampire called him in to take care of his human pup. When his life collided with Liam and Caleb’s, none of them were prepared for the directions it could take.

Especially Zain.

But between the sexy pup and the vampire’s creativity, the power struggles pitting dominance against submission — and acceptance — the two might be too intriguing to just walk away from…

When M.A. Innes, bestselling author of sweet taboo romance, and R. Phoenix, author of playful dark erotica, paranormal romance, and horror team up, you should leave your expectations at the door. The duo responsible for Almost Strangers, a sweet contemporary romance with more than a few taboo themes, has collaborated again to bring you something from the other side of the force.

That said, here are a few notes from Raissa:

This is not an alpha / omega / beta tale, at least not in the usual sense (designation at birth, slick, heats, mpreg, primary focus on the werewolf part, etc.). Alas, “Alpha” in this universe is completely different and refers more to status. I hope you’ll give it a shot anyway, but please don’t expect A/B/O dynamics! (Though there are plenty of Big Os in here. Just saying.)

To M.A. Innes’s Readers:
I’ve temporarily corrupted your favorite author. Don’t worry; it isn’t permanent. Seriously, though, please do not go into this book thinking it is a typical M.A. Innes book. It isn’t. Innes is writing in my world — and my world is a much darker place. The warnings are there for a reason, darlings!

To R. Phoenix’s Readers:
Hello, my loves! It’s great to (finally!) get back to Caleb and Liam. Thanks so much for being patient. I know it’s been a while, but I hope you’ll agree this was worth the wait. You know the drill — this is playful dark erotica, emphasis on the dark. If you’ve read Puppy, you’re (probably) ready for Alpha. 😉 Give a warm welcome to Zain!

Other Notes:
*This is the sequel to Puppy by R. Phoenix, which should be read first. Sorry, loves, it’s definitely not a standalone.
*(Warnings/Potential Spoilers) Prepare for M/M/M, puppy play, body modification, humiliation, dehumanization, and other stuff I’m forgetting about right now. Not every dynamic or element is 100% consensual.





Who would have guess I’ll be having so much fun with a book that involved puppy play? But against all odds I am. This, the second installment of the Tamed & Trained series, is definitely my favorite and the narration felt so right for it.


I loved Caleb so much. He is, without a doubt, my favorite character. I loved his defiant attitude and the more he was behaving that way, the more fun I found him. I got to care more than I did for Liam and Zain was fun and likable and with a fixation for the tail that made me laugh so much. I think I found it more entertaining in the audiobook version because I don’t really remember that from when I read the book.


I loved the narrator’s voice, but there were a few times when I find it hard to know if it was Caleb or Zain talking. It was way easier in Liam’s case whose voice is very different from the other two. What I liked the most about the narration was Caleb and when he give some attitude, the way he said things was wonderful.


Overall it was a great book. I had a lot of fun with it. The narration was really good.

Audiobook Review: Recoil (Ripples in the Status Quo #3) by R. Phoenix


Recoil audiobook cover art


Over the past decade, Khaz has watched as supernatural creatures like himself have turned the world into their own personal playground. Unlike the others, he didn’t benefit from the Takeover, and every time he sells himself to keep a roof over his head, he’s keenly aware of that fact. His landlord, a renowned slaver, offers him the chance to catch up on his rent by breaking a human.

Groomed to fight, Noah has survived by giving himself over to his hatred of those who took everything away from humanity. When the werewolf can’t break him, he’s given to the vampire instead – and he’s sure this will be no different. The problem is that even the harsh lessons the Rebellion taught him couldn’t prepare him for someone like Khaz…who always has an ace up his sleeve.

Now that supernatural beings have seized control of the world, life has become a struggle for the humans who once held power. Witches, vampires, and werewolves determine the fate of every single human, but their moral compasses have long since been shattered. Rebels, free humans, and slaves all share dreams of hope, mercy, love, and more. But with their fate so uncertain, survival isn’t enough…and they may have to sacrifice what is nearest and dearest to them if they want to change their lives.

BoughtRavel, and Recoil feature different characters whose lives begin to come together in Owned and Temper. This dystopian series explores different aspects of the world, from utter darkness to the shining lights waiting to emerge. Because of this, the audiobooks range from dark erotica to romance to horror to action(ish) to bits of other things in between.

  1. Bought*: Jace and Elias [Paranormal dark erotica]
  2. Ravel: Ashton and Reese [Paranormal romance]
  3. Recoil: Khaz and Noah [Paranormal erotic romance]
  4. Owned*: Khaz and Noah, Jace and Elias [Paranormal dark fantasy]
  5. Temper*: Ashton and Reese, Jace and Elias [Paranormal dark fantasy]
  6. Refraction: Khaz and Noah, Ashton and Reese (Jace and Elias) [Paranormal dark fantasy]

*Please note that the Fate of the Fallen (previously Ripples in the Status Quo) world has little place for humanity, and as a result, content in these works may contain graphic scenes of depravity, cruelty, and violence –sexual or otherwise – that could be offensive and potentially triggering to some listeners.*





It was great to remember why I loved this book so much. There was so much I didn’t remember about it that listening to it was an amazing experience.


I liked the narrator’s voice. I’m getting used to the accent. It felt a little slow paced but still enjoyable. What I liked the most about the narration was the emotions that were portray. Noah was the one that I could get more in touch of his feelings through the narration, most of it his anger and his defiant attitude that I loved. I still liked Khaz more as a character, in his case I loved the mocking attitude that he take at times.


The plot is really good but it shouldn’t be read as a stand-alone. It is part of a series and it should be read in the right order. It might be set in a dark world, but this particular instalment is one of the sweetest. Overall a fantastic experience listening to a much recommend it series.


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Review: Love Spell by Mia Kerick


Love Spell


Chance César is fabulously gay, but his gender identity—or, as he phrases it, “being stuck in the gray area between girl and boy”—remains confusing. Nonetheless, he struts his stuff on the catwalk in black patent leather pumps and a snug-in-all-the-right (wrong)-places orange tuxedo as the winner of this year’s Miss (ter) Harvest Moon Festival. He rules supreme at the local Beans and Greens Farm’s annual fall celebration, serenaded by the enthusiastic catcalls of his BFF, Emily Benson.

Although he refuses to visually fade into the background of his rural New Hampshire town, Chance is socially invisible—except when being tormented by familiar bullies. But sparks fly when Chance, Pumpkin Pageant Queen, meets Jasper (Jazz) Donahue, winner of the Pumpkin Carving King contest. Chance wants to be noticed and admired and romantically embraced by Jazz, in all of his neon-orange-haired glory.

And so at a sleepover, Chance and Emily conduct intense, late-night research, and find an online article: “Ten Scientifically Proven Ways to Make a Man Fall in Love With You.” Along with a bonus love spell thrown in for good measure, it becomes the basis of their strategy to capture Jazz’s heart.

But will this “no-fail” plan work? Can Chance and Jazz fall under the fickle spell of love?





It was such a lovely book. Really fun and charming. It was the first book I’d read from the author and it was a very nice first impression. I’m looking forward to read more of her books.

I was very skeptical for the first chapters. I was thinking I’d choose the wrong books because it took me a while to feel interested on the story and also because I really wasn’t liking the sense of humor that much. I did struggle with some things until the end, but that might be because YA isn’t really my favorite genre. I still enjoyed the book a lot because the characters were great.

I liked Chance, he was a little fun at times, a little annoying at others. One of the things I liked about him was the internal dialogue about how insecure he was. It was interesting to see how he could portray something so different than he was really feeling. Even though I liked that from him, the character I liked the most was Jazz, because he seem so genuine. He was really sweet and sometimes I felt so bad for him because of all the tactics Chance had and how confusing that could have been for him. He was lovely.

Overall, even with the issues I had, I had a wonderful time with this book. Considering I’m not much of a YA fan, I can only imagine how much more fun it would be for readers who love the genre.

*Book provided by NetGalley.

Review: In The Shadows (Social Sinners, #2) by T.L. Travis


In The Shadows (Social Sinners, #2)


For Ricky “Stoli” Branson, the stars were on his side. Social Sinners was headlining their first sold out US tour. Radio stations across the states were playing their songs, and he’d won the heart of the man he loved.

Everything was going great, or so he foolishly believed…

When an accident has them burying one of their own and leaves another fighting for his life, Stoli questions his beliefs. Or lack thereof.

“Have faith,” his mother tells him. But how can you have faith in something that threatens to take away your only reason for breathing?

Book 1 – Behind the lights (MM) Joey’s POV
Book 2 – In the shadows (MM) Stoli’s POV
Book 3 – A heart divided (MMM) Mickey’s POV
Book 4 – Beyond the curtain (MM) Diamond’s POV
Book 5 – After the final curtain (MM/MMM) All




The second installment in the Social Sinners series is more emotional and touching than the first book. This time from Stoli’s point of view, we get to follow the first steps of Joey and Stoli as a couple and to see the band facing adversity while they keep fighting like brothers.

Ricky “Stoli” Branson is having one of the best moments of his life, finally at the side of the man he loves and with their band in one of its higher points, facing their first sold out US tour. But an accident threatens to change life as they know it. Now, Stoli has to fight hard to find strength to keep going while risking losing his reason for living.

I liked this book better than the first one, but there’s still something that keep me away from fully getting hooked by the series. I struggle a lot at the beginning even though it was a lot more romantic and sweeter than the rest of the book but there was also a higher heat level. Seeing Stoli and Joey as a couple was something I was expecting and I loved it. I felt a little bit underwhelmed by the immature conduct of the members of the band, more often than not, but I still enjoy the overall feeling of brotherhood.

One of the things that make this book better for me was that they had to face some important and very difficult situation, there was a lot of pain in it and from that event on, I feel like I had a newfound love for the book. It became more emotional, more realistic and more captivating than it had been to me. I found it easier to get in touch with Stoli’s feelings and to care for him and Joey as a couple. I was also very happy to see the support from the others. It was really good.

Overall, it was an entertaining book, there was a little bit of everything, romance, pain, music and a nice experience of brotherhood all along. I would recommend it to readers who enjoy M/M pairing and the ones that like reading hurt/comfort books.

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