Review: Sanguine (The Fate of the Fallen #7) by R. Phoenix


Sanguine (The Fate of the Fallen #7)


In the epic conclusion of the Fate of the Fallen series, the stage has been set for a revolution. After the Council’s lack of reaction to the assassination of one of their own, the rebels grow bolder — and if they truly allow supes to join their ranks, they might be able to achieve the impossible. Hope has been rekindled, and nowhere has it been stronger than with the son of the former rebellion leader, Noah Franklin. Will he and Khaz throw in for more than a night, or will they choose to isolate themselves from what might still be a futile cause?

Reese’s allegiance to Elias Ivers has compromised his own desires to aid the rebellion, along with his disapproval of their “take no prisoners” approach. He and his claimed humans, Ashton and Leo, have different agendas, but can they come together in a time of need?

Newly-ascended Elder Elias Ivers has a target on his back — and it’s not only from sympathizers and rebels. Even those amongst his own ranks are loath to accept him, and he finds that taking control is not as easy as he’d thought. With his werewolf pet, Jace, at his side, can he show the Council what it truly is to rule?

Humans have fought for a decade to regain their freedom, and now, the time has come to reclaim it. The restlessness and strife among the vampires, witches, and werewolves who rule over humanity leaves them a unique opening… if they can only figure out how to take advantage of it.






This was such a good book. It is the end of the series. It was really bittersweet to say goodbye to the characters that I love so much. Some of the endings I liked, some others not so much, but as a whole thing, I was please with how everything went.

The plot is amazing. There are a lot of twist and turns. Definitely unexpected, which is something that I loved. It had mystery, action and romance. A little bit of everything in paranormal world that has made me love the genre. It still have some of the dark themes that I loved from the start but in this instalment is a little tone down. It had a great connection with some others series in the same world. For which I would recommend to read them before reading this book.

One of the things I liked the most about the book, is the place given to women in the story. I loved the women that take some part on it. It was great to read about such characters and I wouldn’t mind to know more of them. As for the main characters, it is truly sad to say goodbye to them. I loved every single one of them for different reasons. Even the ones that I didn’t liked that much, had an interesting story to tell. It’s been a joy to read, not only thins book but the whole story.

Of course, I couldn’t love it all. There are some endings that, as I have my favorites, didn’t quite bring me the satisfaction I would expect. But I know every reader can’t be please and even if I’m not happy with every characters ending. I do believe it worked well for the story. Definitely a recommended book, after reading the previous instalments on the series. 


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