I want to start saying that I don’t have a rating system because I don’t rate here. I just give my opinion about books. I dont think a rating is always fair and I rather say what i tought about a book. I do rate in other sites like Goodreads and Amazon, in that case, I use their rating system, which tend to differ and sometimes a book I rated 5 stars on Amazon, is 4 on Goodreads. Depends on what the sites standarts are. That also apply about other review sites I have the honor to belong to their reviewer’s team, like The Romance Reviews and Gay Book Reviews, I follow their rating system.


I forgot to tell you about the name of the blog. The word Ko is ralated to one of my favorite books (Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire), is the self-given last name of the main character Liir, and he’s one of my favorite literary characters.  The secret part of the blog is because it remain a secret for everyone in my life, expect the people who know me trough my love for MM Romance. I decided to keep this blog because there are some books that I like to read that wont be relevant for the sites I review for, like non fiction, self-help, non romance or FF pairing. It also gives me the oportunity to share reviews of books I bought for myself that have already being reviewed on the mentioned websites, or I just feel like doing a quick review for whatever reason I have at that moment. With that in mind, there will be not be much posts as I would like to, but you can always visit The Romance Reviews or Gay Books Reviews.

I know I have some grammatical mistakes, Im self conscious about it, but sometimes I dont mind. I speak spanish and I learn english by watching TV and reading books. School and other learning systems had nothing to do with it, they were too basic for my need of learn, or I didnt care enough to keep studying. So, please, forgive my grammar, Im still trying to learn. Because I speak spanish, I might post some reviews also in spanish, generaly the ones of books I’d read in spanish.

Contact on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads or email (ticuv@yahoo.com)


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  1. Kenn Dahll says:

    I write gay erotic romances – sometimes more erotic than romantic, sometimes the other way around. How do i submit a book for a review? I don’t have a website but do have a bog – listed below. Thanks, Kenn Dahll


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